RNB Award No. 2 & small update

Here’s a post that’s a bit different – answering some questions and updating you all a bit on what’s happening right now on my blog!

I received my second nomination for the Real Neat Blog Award from Poppy’s Best of Books, so thank you!

Since I’ve already done a post on this before, click here to see the original post.

BUT I didn’t want to just leave the new questions…so here we are!


The Questions…

What is your favourite book of 2015?

The dead houseQueen of shadowsmime orderilluminae

Since I’m rubbish at choosing just one, here are some of the books I rated 5//5 stars ❤ Below are links to the reviews I’ve written.

[Review for Illuminae]

[Review for The Mime Order]

[Review for The Dead House]


What book have you read the most?

harry potter philosophers stone

No surprise here. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! When I was younger and buying a copy of each book, I’d reread all the previous books to catch up, before starting the latest one. Meaning this was read 7 times. And I’ve reread the entire series once more, so 8 times. It would be more, but there are just so many other books out there.

It’s fair to say my copy of Philosopher’s Stone is quite battered well – loved.


What was your favourite childhood book?

See answer above.

No but really.

Other than that I loved Jacqueline Wilson books, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Enid Blyton and the Horrible Histories books. (The interest in history arrived at a young age).


How many books (approximately) do you think you own?

I own exactly 221 books, unless I counted wrong.

Yes I did actually go and count them because I’m sad intrigued.


When did you start blogging and why?

39 days ago. I started book blogging because..well…I talk about books A LOT. Ask anyone that knows me. So I figured I might as well do it somewhere people can read it, if they’re interested. And to say I’ve had this blog a little over a month, I think it’s been a success so far! 😀 I’m really happy about it!


Where is your favourite place to read and why?

I always read in my bed. I’m one of those people that is cold all the time, so I tend to be wrapped in my duvet with my cat on my lap.


Have you got a favourite tasty treat to accompany you and your book?

I guess I’ll say chocolate. I have a massive sweet tooth so any sort of snack will do me just fine!


And the update…

Really, this is just a little note to explain all the posts on my blog.

Lately I’ve been tagged in quite a few book tags, and nominated for a few blog awards, so I’m getting those out of the way. I have a few posts scheduled, and as more ideas spring to mind, I’ll create a draft and keep it there until I run out of new post ideas, so that they’re more evenly spread out.

I’ll be uploading a review tomorrow, but it will be one of the reviews that was originally posted on Instagram, and will be extended for the blog. This will be in place of the book I was planning to review tomorrow, which I actually ended up marking as “DID NOT FINISH” and had to put it down.

I hate not finishing books, but I was forcing myself to read and I could feel a reading slump coming on. So it had to be done.

I quite like posting often, and since I can schedule posts ahead of time it can be easily done. Hopefully I can keep up the ideas!

I hope it doesn’t bother you guys that I post so often – sometimes twice in one day! (Like today will be – I’m uploading a blog award post right after this one).



Let me know what you think!


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12 thoughts on “RNB Award No. 2 & small update

  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers! I still love Enid Blyton books and I really think that her fantastic books motivated my love of books.

    Great post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Aww yeah – I love the Faraway Tree!! For me it would probably be the Famous Five or Malory Towers. She wrote so many books, though – I’ve got a massive bookshelf full of them in the corner of my bedroom, haha! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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