Gifts for a bookworm

Kicking off the start of any Christmas themed posts is gift ideas for a bookworm. 

There was originally going to be 10 ideas…but then I thought of 5 more so there’s 15 different ideas below!

I have a feeling this is going to be quite a long post – I mean, it took me AGES to write up, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy!


Gifts for a bookworm


Along with each idea will be images and a price range, with links to where you can buy the product.

So…Let’s do this!




So we’ll get the obvious answer out of the way. What to get a bookworm? A book of course! 

harry potter illustratedbrother's grimmalice's adventures in wonderland leatherbound

Now, to change this up a bit, you could consider getting them a book that they may not necessarily buy themselves. By this I mean all the fancy editions you see in bookshops – otherwise known as the Leatherbound Classics.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone illustrated edition (Amazon)

– £15.00

Grimm’s Complete Fairytales – Barnes & Noble Leatherbound classic collection (Amazon)

– £17.00

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic collection (Amazon)

– £18.75




This is quite a versatile option. You can either buy stunning bookmarks on a place like Amazon, get the handcrafted or magnetic types from Etsy stores, or make your own!

old world beaded bookmarkmarked books etsy storeHappyHelloCo etsy store

There’s a whole bunch of these beaded bookmarks on Amazon for a low price, as well as countless stores on Etsy that make bookmarks.

Old World Beaded Bookmark (Amazon)

– £1.99

Ribbon & Charm bookmarks from Marked Books Etsy store

– Price range differs, but average is just over £6.00

Magnetic bookmarks from HappyHelloCo Etsy store

– 1 bookmark = £1.40 / commonly sold in packs for slightly higher price


Colouring books


So, the colouring books for adults are a HUGE rage right now…and now there’s colouring books for fandoms too!

harry potter colouring bookdoctor who colouring bookgame of thrones colouring book

For the times when they want a bit of a break from reading. Who wouldn’t want to colour in some of their favourite scenes?

Harry Potter colouring book (Amazon)

– £4.99

Doctor Who colouring book (Amazon)

– £6.99

Game of Thrones colouring book (Amazon)

– £5.00




There is plenty of merchandise online. All you need to do is type in the fandom and all the suggestions pop up.

time turner necklacegame of thrones notebook

Most often the merchandise is either jewelry or notebooks, but you can usually find more creative objects when you dig a little deeper.

Time Turner necklace (Amazon)

– £4.00

Game of Thrones “Moon of my Life” notebook (Journaland Company Etsy store)

– £4.78


Book ends


For something a bit different – book ends! They can look pretty and are actually useful…so why not?

book endsbook ends 2

I would advise looking on Etsy for this idea, because there are a lot more creative ideas than on Amazon. There is a huge range in price, but you can find some good ones for pretty cheap.

Antique Bronze book ends (Amazon)

– currently on sale for £12.90 – be quick!

Owl Bookends (Etsy Store)

– £14.98




I personally love these things. They’re basically prints for your wall, featuring book quotes.

wall print 1wall print 2

There are so many different kinds – I especially love the prints that overlap parts of the actual story (like the first image).  You can get these in some bookshops, or at least you can here in the UK, as well as Amazon and Etsy.

Alice in Wonderland wall quote on paper (Amazon)

– £5.00

Framed Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter quote (Amazon)

– £9.00


Pop vinyl/Funko pops


I love these little figures! Who wouldn’t want one of their favourite characters stood guarding their books?

pop vinyl harry potterpop vinyl katnisspop vinyl maleficient

The prices are usually around £10.00, unless they’re bigger, new, or limited edition. There is a HUGE range out there. There’s many different TV shows such as Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory, as well as brands such as Disney and Marvel.

Harry Potter pop vinyl (Amazon)

– £9.10

Katniss Everdeen pop vinyl (Amazon)

– £16.47 (I don’t know why this one is expensive)

Maleficent pop vinyl (Amazon)

– £9.29




It’s a common thing for readers to love mugs. I have no idea why, it just sort of happens. I love mugs myself, I have a collection going on. 

book mug 1book mug 2

This might be one of the cases where you’re better looking on Etsy for more creative designs. Amazon does a great range, but there are more on Etsy. OR your local bookshop may even sell there own range. 

Can’t buy happiness but can buy books mug (Amazon)

– £7.99

Harry Potter colour changing mug (Etsy store MugDesignStudio)

– £10.92


Bookish clothing


Whether it’s a t-shirt, jumper, leggings or a scarf, show off the love for reading!

book clothing 1book clothing 2book clothing 3

Again, this is something you would be better checking Etsy for instead of Amazon. But maybe a clothing store near you has fandom clothing in? I know that here in the UK, our Primark stores have started fandom ranges such as Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. Maybe check there if you have one near you!

I read past my bedtime jumper (Etsy store ElephanTrees)

– £14.41

Camp Half Blood T-shirt (Etsy store TAGGear)

– £6.83

Expectro Patronum t-shirt (Primark)

– £6.00 but can only be bought in store




This is a bit like the mugs, where a fair majority of reader like candles. Well, there’s even some that are meant to smell like books.

book candlebook candle 2

If not just a normal scented candle to make it cosy, buy a candle that smells like books and make them feel like they’re sat in their own personal library.

Soy Candle – Old books (Etsy store Luminous Candles Co)

– £9.56

Booklover’s scented soy candle – Bookstore (Etsy store frostbeard)

– £12.29


Gift cards


This one is simple enough. Don’t know what book to get them? Buy them a gift card so they can go out and choose themselves.

gift card amazongift card waterstones

You can find these in your local bookstore.

As for the price…well, it depends which card you choose.


Reading light


Here we have one that is a bit different. If the person you’re buying for tends to stay up at night reading, this may be the gift for them.

reading light 1reading light 2

They might not look all that interesting, but they could be very helpful. These lights clip onto the back cover of your book and hang over the top with adjustable wires to light up the page.

LEPOWER reading light (Amazon)

– £7.99

LED reading light (Amazon)

– £8.93




Another idea to add to the cosyness.

book pillow 1book pillow 2

There are many different designs out there, especially on Etsy.

Reading adventure pillow (Etsy Store DecoratedRoom)

– £15.02

Book pillow cover (Etsy store WestridgeAvenue)

– £17.06


A tote bag


Everyone needs something to carry their belongings in…

tote bag 1tote bag 2.jpgtote bag 3

These are really handy and simple to have around, and are usually quite sturdy material. There are thousands of designs out there, so have a browse through if it interests you (that rhymed).

Books best defence tote bag (Amazon)

– £7.99

Peace Love Books tote bag (Amazon)

– £11.89

Accio Books tote bag (Etsy store NaturaPicta)

– £8.81


My favourite idea

create a little bag of comfort 


This idea is basically getting a gift bag, and filling it with a bunch of different book related things to create a nice little surprise, all relating to comfort and cosyness.

If I were to create this, here are a few things I’d put in…

Five Seven Fiveyankee candleblankethot chocolate

I’d choose a book to give to them (at the minute I’m reading Five Seven Five, so that’s my example) and buy a blanket to put in the bottom of the bag. I’d create a little hot chocolate kit (powder, marshmellows etc). Finish off with a couple of Yankee Candle Samplers, and maybe some of their favourite snacks!

Five Seven Five book (Amazon)

– £5.16

Yankee Candle Sample

– £1.80

Tartan Blanket (Primark)

– £7.00

So they’re all my ideas!

That took a lot longer than I thought to write that post. But now it’s done, and I hope it’s either helpful, or at least interesting to read!



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19 thoughts on “Gifts for a bookworm

  1. Great post. I still have a load of Christmas presents to buy and quite a few of my friends are massive book lovers so this post was really helpful for me. Although I will admit a few I wanted to buy for myself 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think every item on the list is something I’d love to receive or something I already have 🙂 but there’s a few items I saw that I am definitely going to buy for my friends. I need all the help I can get when it comes to Christmas shopping.


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