Around the world in YA

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It’s probably about time I did this tag! I was tagged by Olivia @ Heir of Glitter so thank you!

So the aim of this tag is to list a bunch of countries – whether they’re the same as the person who tagged you or newly thought up – and find a book that’s set there.

I think the reason I’ve delayed this for so long is because I hardly ever remember where a story is set unless it’s a made up world like Hogwarts (Harry Potter) or Erilea (Throne of Glass). But now I’ve thought of some so let’s do this!


France – Anna and the French Kiss

This one is pretty self explanatory. The title says it all. Anna is sent to a boarding school in France, and the story goes from there.

Germany – The Book Thief

Set during the time when Hitler was at large, this story focuses on a girl called Liesel (pronounced Lee-zul) and how the war has affected her life. This is one of my favourite books, I love it so much. I should probably reread it soon…

UK/England – The Bone Season

Another one of my favourites! The Bone Season is set in London, the heart of England. I was going to split the UK into separate groups for England and Scotland, but I’ve hardly read any books set in Scotland and I can’t use Outlander yet because I don’t yet own it…I didn’t want to cheat. Plus the UK flag looks nicer than the English one so yeah (and it matches the cover of The Bone Season).

China – Cinder

Cinder is set in new Beijing, which I believe is a new version of China. To be honest, I stole this answer from other people because I couldn’t think of one!

America – The Darkest Minds

There’s a lot of books set in America, but I decided to go for  The Darkest Minds, which I believe is set mostly in Virginia. I mean, they move around a lot so they do a mini tour really.

Italy – The Mark of Athena

In The Mark Of Athena, the Heroes of Olympus crew have to travel to Rome on another attempt to save the world. I’ll say no more because spoilers.

The Netherlands – The Miniaturist

The miniaturist is a peculiar book about a doll house that starts to mimic their owner’s life. It is set in Amsterdam. I’m not good at geography AT ALL so I had to Google what the country was actually called, since Amsterdam isn’t a country (which I also found out on Google).



So those are my answers! 

Since I’ve been planning tags ahead of time so I can schedule them, it’s hard to keep track of who I’ve tagged in previous/up coming posts, so for this one I won’t be tagging anybody. But, if you want to do this tag, I officially tag you!

Question: If you could visit any of the places I listed above, which would it be?

Answer in the comments!


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