Infinity Dreams Award: 4th & 5th nominations (& story time)

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This post is for the Infinity Dreams Award. I’ve been nominated a few times already but I received another two nominations from two lovely people, and I didn’t want to just ignore it. And since there are new questions, I’ll happily answer them 🙂

Let’s answer some questions!


For my 4th nomination, I was nominated by BookMarked – so thank you very much!

And here are the questions…

What five words would you use to describe yourself?

I would describe myself as…enthusiastic, organized, creative, a worrier, and a bookworm (of course!).


Do you have any pets, or have you had any?

I have a black cat called Oscar who literally follows me everywhere. He’s always wrapped around my ankles and keeps watch of what I’m doing. It’s cute, until he goes into a playful mood and starts pouncing on my legs and tripping me up when I walk.


If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would it be?

Possibly Scotland. I live in England right now and last summer I visited Scotland for the first time and completely fell in love. I have postcards on my wall above my bed showing every town, city and island I visited whilst I was there. I was just so fascinated by everywhere we went, you can see so much history dotted around, and the people we talked to were just so polite and genuinely nice. And now that I’m reading Outlander, I’m desperate to go back ❤


If you could live anywhere at all (be it fictional, somewhere within the universe or just a few streets away) where would it be?

I’d live in the Harry Potter world – I know it’s basically just our world but with added magic but I just want to be magic, and attend Hogwarts with visits to Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Either there, or the world of Erilea, specifically Terrasen in Throne of Glass. But again, I want to be magic and be buddies with Aelin.


What’s your earliest memory?

I’m not entirely sure if this is my earliest memory, but I was really young so I’ll go with it. I remember when I started Primary school, it was just about to be knocked down and rebuilt because of the bad condition it was in, but I did go to school in the old building for a few weeks. And I remember being in assembly and just staring at these huge rainbow coloured curtains that surrounded the stage. And on my way home I had to walk through this field where a horse lived, and I’d always want to stroke it. That’s all I remember. Bit boring but you know.


What has the best day this year been?

I think I was nominated for this in 2015 so my best day of 2015 will have been…the first day of my holiday to Scotland. Just the excitement of the journey there. I had this whole adventure ahead of me, and it was the first time I’d left my country (I’ve not been on many holidays, usually just day trips). Even though the drive took most of the day, and we set off really early in the morning, I was amazed at the things we saw before we even got to the house we were staying in. Driving through small mountains and stunning places, seeing castles and all these places we were likely to visit. Then when we got to the house, it was amazing. We unpacked, then went out to explore straight away. And knowing I had more days ahead of me the same was one of the best feelings ever ❤


What is your current main goal?

I’m not really sure. Just keeping up with my reading and blogging as I go back to college, which won’t be difficult since I love doing both. And finding a part-time job, which may be difficult.


Where do you hope to be in five years?

I don’t know. I don’t like thinking ahead to the future because it makes me panic. A lot.


What is your favourite quote, from a book, song or person?

I’m not sure if it’s my favourite, but it definitely comes to mind a lot because I do try to be optimistic.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”  

– Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

How would you describe your fashion sense or your general style?

um…..I guess I’m a girly girl. I like my dresses and skirts, but don’t wear them as much as I want to because I’m always freezing. But yeah, true girly girl. Love rings, earrings and bracelets etc. But a lot of the time I do just throw on a jumper and take on a careless look. My hair is never tamed, I have true Hermione Granger hair – curly, huge and frizzy. I love it!


One thing you just can’t stand?

 People being rude. This doesn’t need an explanation.


And for my 5th nomination for this award, I was nominated by Rhodes of Reading – so again, thank you very much!

The next set of questions…

If you had to choose, would you rather be a contestant on The Amazing Race or The Great British Bake-Off? (Or The Great British Baking Show…depending on where you’re from!)

I’ve never heard of The Amazing Race so I’d go on Bake-Off. Plus why not bake cakes all the time? I have a huge sweet-tooth so that’d work.


If you were on a deserted island and only had one book with you, what book would it be?

I want to say either Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or Outlander, even though I’ve not finished it yet. They’re both pretty big books. Although everyone keeps hinting about something huge happening at the end of Outlander so maybe not that book if I’ll be left in a cliffhanger.


Cake or pie?

CAKE! Although I only like Chocolate Cake or Victoria Sponge.


How many different cities have you lived in?

Just the one!


Hot chocolate or apple cider?

Hot chocolate!


What super power would you want to have?

I’ve thought this through a lot in the past. I would love to have the ability to control the elements. Just imagine it! the amount of things you could do if you could control fire, water, earth and air.


Who’s the last person you texted?

My dad


Do you buy DVDs or watch movies online?

I don’t tend to watch movies often but I do like getting DVD’s more.


Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you want to invite over for coffee?

I’ll go with the golden trio, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.


What’s your favourite accent to hear people speaking with? (British, American, Spanish, etc.)



Would you rather have a pet dragon or be a centaur?

Have a pet dragon, of course!


So there we have it!

I have another post coming up after this so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


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8 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award: 4th & 5th nominations (& story time)

  1. I’d just love to visit Europe in general. I live in the United States, but if I had to pick, i think that I’d want to visit Scotland or Ireland. I’m hoping to study abroad in one of those countries when I study English in college. Oh and I would definitely do the Amazing Race! I think it’s like a huge scavenger hunt all of the world. I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I do know that you get to travel around the world. Loved reading through this!


      1. Oh yeah I know what you mean. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never really traveled to any of the popular tourist spots. There’s so many great places to visit though. Anywhere you go would be worth it!

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