Updates: New post ideas & timing


So the idea behind this post is to give you guys a little update about the things changing on my blog over the next week. There’s nothing major happening though, so don’t worry. Just some timing changes and a new idea.

So instead of rambling on, let me update you all!




Over the Christmas break, I’ve been uploading a lot of blog posts, mainly because I had the time. But now I’m going back to college, the timing of my posts will change a bit. I still plan on posting quite a few times a week – probably on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This might change though. I’m not exactly the sort of person patient enough to stick to a schedule. Put it this way, I’ll post at least twice a week, but most likely more often.

I just love blogging, so I like posting a lot, OK? πŸ˜€


New Posts


I’ve seen a few people do these, but I wanted to do my own version: Discussion posts!

I’ve decided that every Wednesday, I’ll post a discussion based on a different topic each week. Hopefully I’ll be able to think of enough ideas to keep this going. I have 8 ideas already so that’s at least 2 months worth of discussion posts in the bag πŸ˜€

Sometimes the discussion will be about simple things, some will be questions about more in-depth topics (if that makes sense).

But one thing’s for sure – they’ll all be book related!

I just love the idea of these posts allowing us all to express our opinions on different topics. It’ll mean I get to know you guys better, at least!

Hopefully my discussion posts will be a success and not just flop, with no one commenting or, you know, discussing.

That’d be awkward.

Anyway, my first discussion post will be up this Wednesday, so I look forward to that!

I think that’s all I have to update you on!

I do hope my discussion posts are successful. I still don’t know whether Wednesday’s are a good day to post them, but I’ll find out soon enough.

If you have any ideas or topics that you’d like to see featured in a discussion post, let me know in the comments!


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