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Totally Should've

Today’s post will be a book tag! I’ve seen this one a lot on YouTube and on book blogs, so I’m glad to be joining in!

I was tagged by Olivia @ Heir of Glitter , so thank you very much!

The idea behind this one is that the sentence starts as “A book/author/character/etc that totally should’ve…” and then there’s a variety of different ending for that sentence, which you have to answer.

Here’s to hoping I can think of an answer for all the categories…

Let’s do this!

Totally should’ve…gotten a sequel


How typical of me to get stuck on the first question. I mean, most books I read already have sequels. But I think it’d be good if there was a sequel to the graphic novel Nimona.


Totally should’ve…had a spin off series

harry potter philosophers stone

*In Snape’s drawling voice* Obviously…

No but seriously I think every Potterhead wants a spin-off series. Whether it’s about the Marauders, the next generation, or maybe even a series about the wizarding world when Voldemort was first at large.


An author who totally should’ve… written more books

The Book Thief

I know Markus Zusak has another book called I Am The Messenger, which I haven’t read yet, but I want more historical fiction books like The Book Thief. This is one of my favourites, and I’ve been really wanting to reread it lately so maybe that’ll happen this year.


A character who totally should’ve… ended up with someone else.

Shadow and BoneSiege and StormRuin and Rising

Skip this explanation if you haven’t read The Grisha Trilogy.

As I’ve mentioned in every single review for these books, I don’t like Mal. And guess who our main character ended up with? Mal. Ugh. I wanted her to be with Nikolai personally.


Totally should’ve… had a movie franchise


Now I read this trilogy a long time ago, but from what I remember I think this series would make a great movie franchise.


Totally should’ve… had a TV show.

The darkest minds

I’ve only read this book in the trilogy so far, but if the TV producers has good special effects, I’d love to see The Darkest Minds as a TV show. Enough happens to create a decent amount of shows, and I think a lot of people would love the story.


Totally should’ve… had only one point of view


I couldn’t think of an original answer for this so I’m going to go with what most people say – Allegiant. It just didn’t make sense how the first two books were just one perspective (from what I remember, I read it ages ago) and then the last book just changed completely. Plus it made me not like Four. Just saying.


Totally should’ve… had a cover change

Game of Thrones

The A Song of Ice and Fire series. I do actually quite like the covers, but I think that’s more to do with the fact they all match so well (so far anyway). I just think that with the amount of detail in this book, the cover of each book itself could be so much more interesting. I’m thinking black and white detailed illustrations with the title in a bold white font across the top. Sort of like the new editions of Harry Potter. (I’m bad at explaining).


Totally should’ve… kept the original covers

I’m going to agree with Olivia’s answer for this one and say any book with a movie cover. Movie covers are just awful most of the time.


Totally should’ve… stopped at book one

The Maze Runner

I’ve sort of grown out of this series and won’t be reading the last book. I think if this book was bigger, they could’ve compacted the story and all the irrelevant parts into one story that I would’ve enjoyed more.


So there we have it!

Now I’m not entirely sure who’s done this tag or not, so I apologize if you already have, but I tag…

Kelly @ Stellar Scrutiny

Alysyn @ Rein Reads

Anna @ My Bookish Dream

Aldana @ Perfection In Books

Ashley @ Parttime Book Nerd

And finally, I’d just like to remind you that my review for Ruin and Rising went up yesterday, so if you haven’t already, you should go and check it out and leave a comment!



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30 thoughts on “Totally Should’ve Book Tag

  1. Hey!!! it’s me remarkablylisa from instagram!! I saw your profile picture and i was like i swear i follow her on instagram ahahah i’m super glad i found you on wordpress! I just started my blog yesterday so i’m in the beginning stages of building posts etc. Love for you to check mine out!

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  2. I totally agree that Nimona needs a sequel! That was the first (and only, atm) graphic novel I’ve read and I loved it. I know the author has a series called Lumberjanes that looks interesting but I need more Nimona in my life!
    I (like everyone) obviously want a HP spin-off but I think the Marauders would be the most interesting. Imagine all of the cool scenes of them running around as animals or just getting up to mischief.
    And The Book Thief! Ugh, I really should read I am the Messenger but Marcus Zusak needs to write more books!
    Sorry for the long comment but I totally agree with most of these : )

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    1. No need to apologize for the long comment, I love reading them! I’ve been debating whether to read The Lumberjanes myself, but like you said, I just want more Nimona! She’s such a quirky character 🙂 I get what you mean about the Mararuders…everyone wants to know what they got up to in school. And same about I Am The Messenger! I really should read it too 🙂


  3. I agree with you on the fact that Alina should have ended up with Nikolai. I seriously don’t like Mal – I was hoping that he would die. (Sadly that didn’t happen…) Also the Legend trilogy would make amazing movies! Thank you for tagging me. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it would have been! I would have loved to see her and Nikolai rebuild the country and such things. It would have been sooo interesting! 🙂

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