Discussion Posts: Can reading ever be a bad thing?

reading be bad

It’s discussion time again! 

I had to consult my notebook of ideas, since I didn’t have a specific theme for this week. But when I saw I had this topic still to write about, I knew this was the discussion for this week.

So this week I’m asking you…

Can reading ever be a bad thing?

Where the idea came from

I’ve heard so so so many times people say their parents complain about them reading. Saying phrases like

“All you ever do is read!”

“You need to stop buying books.”

“Why do you read so much? All you’re doing is sitting there.”

And I suppose it’s true.


So is reading a bad thing?

In my eyes, no. Not at all.

Reading is so much more than just sitting down for hours staring at a page. Those words manage to work your mind, showing you adventures and pulling at your emotions. Those words can change a person. When reading, you’re constantly learning more about the world and yourself. And also, reading is enjoyable.

So what could possibly be wrong with reading?

Yes, us bookworms tend to buy books a lot. Yes, we tend to spend a lot of time reading. But we enjoy it! And there’s worse things to spend time and money on. I never feel like I’m wasting my time when I spend hours reading.

So is it bad that I like to spend the majority of my money on books?

To me, no, since I only spend SPARE money. I prioritize the things I need, then spend the rest on books I want.

Is it bad I spend many hours reading?

Again, not to me. I prioritize the things I need to do, and once they’re done, I get to read. Sometimes it becomes a motivator for me. I mean, yes, there are times I stay up late at night reading…but that’s only sometimes…right? At least I get my work done.


So what do you think?

Can reading ever be a bad thing? 

Have you ever had someone say that you read too much, like it’s a problem?

Or do you think it’s perfectly fine, and people who don’t read just don’t understand?

Let me know in the comments!



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39 thoughts on “Discussion Posts: Can reading ever be a bad thing?

  1. Sometimes my parents worry that I’m straining my eyes from reading so much, also that I might be wasting my money buying too many books. Also, that there’s not much space left in my room for all my books. But over all they don’t really mind. As for other people, nobody has really commented on my reading and even if they did, feh!

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    1. As for reading being a bad thing, I don’t think reading can ever be a bad thing unless that’s the ONLY thing you ever do. Reading is great and few things are better, but there is in fact more to life and you can’t become a well rounded individual by JUST reading. *sigh*

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      1. I get the straining eyes thing – reading used to give me headache until I got reading glasses! And I get what you mean about it being bad if it’s literally the ONLY thing you do. There’s more to life than just words on a page. That’s why I always prioritize other activites first, or work, and then use my spare time for reading 🙂

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  2. Reading, whether for education or just plain enjoyment, is NEVER a bad thing in my eyes. I find that a lot of the “ugh you’re reading AGAIN?” comments come from people who aren’t readers… which is absolutely fine since not everyone in life can be a bookworm!

    However, whenever someone says that kind of thing to me, I always come back with “well do you watch TV? Or films?” because some people can often spend hours marathoning a show on Netflix (and sometimes that person is me, haha) and they don’t think anything of it. To me, it’s the same with spending hours reading a book.

    My parents often make mention of how much I spend on books but, really, when you think about it in terms of the cold hard cash a newly released book might take me a couple of days to read and cost £7ish. To me, that’s money well spent for that many hours of enjoyment!

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    1. Love your mind set on this! I often think the same when people ask me about it…like they spend a couple of hours watching a movie, I spend the same amount of time reading…so why is their entertainment more accepted that ours? Especially when things like movies cost around the same, or sometimes more! Like you, I don’t mind spending my money on something that’s going to entertain me for many hours, and I’ll love adding it to my collection 🙂

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      1. It’s nonsense in a way because both are deemed passive activities (if that itself isn’t an oxymoron?) but, if anything, some TV/films are more passive activities than reading – reading requires you to engage with a text, decipher meanings and read between the lines maybe, so it’s hardly a passive pursuit. (That’s not to put down watching TV because, hey, I gladly sat and marathoned The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in one go when it was released!)

        I think if you look at it from the amount of time you spent with it, reading is actually reasonably economical. A cinema ticket would cost me around £10 and be over in probably 2 hours, a book lasts for much longer. Plus sometimes it’s nice to have a nice copy of a book – you’re probably more likely to read it and re-read it then.

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  3. I don’t think that reading could ever be a bad thing, if anything its a very good thing. Like you said, the words we read work our mind, they can change us and they can make us see things differently. I think reading, for me helps me understand some things that I wouldn’t necessarily if it wasn’t for something I read. I get the “all you do is read!” and “stop spending so much money on books” comments a lot and they honestly don’t bother me. If reading is what makes me happy, I will spend money on them on I will continue to read as much as I want. I also prioritise the things I need to do, to make sure that everything is done before I can sit down and deservingly read the book i’ve been wanting to all day, it is kind of my motivation to get things done too.

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    1. Nice to see you here haha! 😀 Glad you agree! Those sorts of comments usually come from people that don’t read, so I’m guessing that’s why you get them a lot. Like you said, reading is both enjoyable and broadens the mind, so it seems like a treat at the end of the day 🙂

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  4. Completely agree- I love reading and I can’t see it as a bad thing. Funnily enough, someone I met just recently told me to “stop reading- books aren’t real” literally three seconds after I met them (they’d asked me for an interesting fact about myself, so I went with reading, cos I thought it was a good place to start- guess I was wrong lol :p ) Other than that, I don’t get people telling me to stop- unless I’m reading while walking- in which case telling me to stop is a fair point :p

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    1. Someone telling you to stop reading because “it’s not real” is quite funny actually…like yes…we know it’s not real…hence why it’s called FICTION haha! xD It’s not exactly a good reason to stop though! But ah well, they must’ve not understood what it’s like to enjoy a book. And yes, I can totally see why people would tell you to stop reading why walking – that could end badly haha!

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  5. whenever someone says those things to me I just remind that there are way worse things I could be doing with my time and money. I don’t like going out at night, and I don’t have to go out to eat something expensive, so why shouldn’t I buy books with my own money? And if I like to spend time reading, why is anyone criticizing my hobby? 😉 great theme

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    1. My thoughts exactly! I don’t criticize people on their hobbies, so why should they criticize mine? Like you, I don’t like going out at night or anything like that, so what better thing to spend my money on? haha 😀

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  6. Many people say to me like ‘You just read too much’ or they are just ‘Why do you keep buying books? You will read them once and then they will be in your shelf forever untouched’
    For me, I can’t read too much. As you said, reading is a way to open your mind to new things, you learn not only for example mythology but you learn and see about some behavior some things you should do and don’t, at least I feel that way specially with romance. When they do this stupid things and then I’m like ‘I should not do that’.
    About buying books it’s like collecting anything. People around the world collect all kinds of stuff, well, I collect books, I love seeing them in my shelf, I love taking pictures about them so for me it’s okay. (the only problem is that it’s expensive 😦 )
    So, overall, it’s our decision what we do with time and money, and I as well as you priorize some things over reading, like homework or other stuff and once I get them done, I read. It depends on how you manage your time.

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    1. Exactly 🙂 It’s our choice what we do with our time and what we spend our money on, and even though each book costs money, I personally spend hours reading it, taking photos, and one day in the future I’ll probably read it again 🙂

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  7. Reading?! A bad thing?! No no no! Reading is EVERYTHING. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Also, I know it sounds like what a teacher might say, but reading is really good for your brain. And if we like doing it, then who are other people to judge, right? Spending money on books is only like spending money on any other hobby. Only, books look prettier and smell better. ♥

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  8. In my case reading is always a bad thing in school because instead of studying, or doing homework, or paying attention in class, I read. So when there’s no school, it’s all good, but otherwise, yikes, don’t come near me when I’m obsessed with a book haha

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  9. People tend to more have a problem with the type of books I read than the books themselves. Some think that the only books worth reading are classics and nonfiction to which I reply that some of the books I’m reading to day may well be classics one day.

    Others note that I spend a significant portion of my free time reading novels and don’t understand why I choose them over manga/comics as they take less time to read. I tell them that novels are my personal preference and listen to a lot of audiobooks. I don’t think people can listen to manga/comics in audiobook format.

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    1. That’s a good point. Some people think classics are “better” than other books, when really they affect everyone in a different way. And others just don’t understand why people enjoy reading 🙂

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  10. Reading is never a bad thing! What really bothers me is my friends who also read a lot, but will only read adult fiction or classics. They look down on me for reading mostly YA. It makes me oh so sad. We’re both book lovers… Can’t we just agree on that? Why does one type of book have to be better than another? Books are in the eye of the beholder 🙂

    But also, I definitely need to make a budget for spending money on books LOL. It’s getting out of hand b

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    1. That;s very true. Books are always good, no matter which genre, but I do realize YA tends to be looked down upon for some reason. People think it’s for teens – which I admit is who tend to read it, like me – but it’s called young ADULT for a reason. They’re not any less thought provoking or anything! And I’m the same about needing to chill with money haha!

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  11. I like to read in the dark with a bright back-light on my kindle. It KILLS my eyes and they hurt afterwards but I do it anyway. Other than that, so long as it doesn’t interfere with your daily life I don’t see how reading could be bad for you. Great discussion post!

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  12. Um, excuse me when is reading ever just “sitting there”???? Non-readers really need to with hold judgement. That’s like saying: “why do you watch TV? All you’re doing is sitting there.” “Why do you play video games? All you’re doing is just sitting there” “Why do you do [insert “home” activity]? All you’re doing is sitting there.”

    That’s so irrelevant!

    Reading can never be a bad thing. As George RR Martin says, “‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one”

    Or woman ;P

    [And also those people who make comments like that obviously don’t understand. Pah!]

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  13. I don’t think reading is ever a bad thing! Fiction or non-fiction, when we read, we learn so much. Even if we don’t realize it when we’re reading the book, we might have picked up a new word, or new way of looking at one aspect of life. Like any form of escapism, spending too much time reading and not doing other perhaps more *important* things is obviously bad but that isn’t the books fault, it’s just us readers procrastinating (or is that just me?!)

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