Top 10 ways to reduce the pressure to read quickly

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Remember this week’s discussion post :Do you feel a pressure to read quickly?

Well, this is what I call a follow up post.

In that discussion, so so so many people admitted that there’s this pressure looming over them to read quickly, and I actually found that so sad. I mean, how did this happen? When did reading develop this pressure, when it’s just a hobby?

So I’ve decided to try and pull a few things together that might help bookworms like me reduce the pressure to read quickly.

These things are what I’d do myself, so these might not be much use, but I thought I’d mention them anyway to try and help.

So here are my top 10 ways to reduce pressure to read quickly!


Read short books to get ahead of reading challenge

If you’ve set yourself a reading challenge on Goodreads this year, that can make you feel like you need to read more to succeed. Well, what I’ve done for these first two months is read a whole bunch of short books – graphic novels, Penguin Little Black Classics etc – you know, the sort you can read within an hour. Because then you’ll get ahead of schedule. And now that it says you’re ahead, if you’re taking a while to finish a book, you don’t feel like you’ll fall behind on your challenge.

Don’t set a really high Goodreads challenge goal

Speaking of the Goodreads Reading Challenge – don’t set a goal that could be too high. Think about how much you think you’ll be able to read in a year, and go for that. Then you won’t feel any added pressure.

My reading goal is 50 – just under 1 book a week. And while I’m already halfway through (thanks to all the short books), I have that headstart and don’t feel any pressure from my challenge.

Also, feel free to change your challenge partway through the year! You can reduce or increase your goal at any point through the year if you think you won’t reach it, or think you’ll pass it. Use that to your advantage!

Set some time aside every day to read

You probably already do this, but it’s worth mentioning anyway.

If you set aside time every day to read, then at least you’re reading something. No matter how much you read, you’re still making progress. And that’s all that matters really.

me & shatter me

Remember that reading is a hobby, not a competition

This is probably the most important one. We all need to remind ourselves of this every once in a while. It doesn’t matter how quickly other people read! As long as you enjoy reading, then take however long you want. By pushing yourself to read faster, you might end up not enjoying a book as much, or start feeling some resentment towards reading. So it doesn’t matter how fast someone else reads. They might have more time, or a naturally quick reading pace. Just enjoy you books in your own sweet time ❤

Stop accepting so many review requests at the same time

This one I don’t have personal experience with, but it was mentioned a few times in the discussion post. Stop accepting so many review requests around the same time. Or stop requesting so many books from NetGalley. Especially if they have review deadlines.

I know this might be hard because you could miss out on some great books, but you need to prioritize if it’s too much pressure. Or you could email the publisher/author/whoever sent the request and explain that the review may take a while longer, due to scheduling. If you already have loads of reviews to catch up on, I’ve heard of people closing review requests for a few weeks to catch up, and then reopening them when the schedule is cleared.

Realize that no one will shout at you for not uploading a review on a certain day

This one I need to remember myself. If you have a certain day to upload reviews, there’s a pressure to finish the book before then. I know that all too well.

But no one is going to get angry with you if the review is uploaded a bit later. Everyone understands that others things can get in the way, whether it be work, illness, or maybe just a lack of interest. We understand! Now go enjoy that book at your own pace and don’t worry about the review.

title 2

All those books on your TBR? They’ll wait for you.

Our TBR piles are usually huge. We need to get through them as quickly as possible, right?


All those books will still exist when you eventually get round to reading them. Books don’t have a time limit. Sure, you want to consume them as fast as physically possible, I’m just saying that they will wait for you, as long as you need.


Don’t set yourself a TBR

Does anyone actually stick to their TBR? I doubt they do completely. Really it’s just a list looming over you, and you don’t need it. Because if it gets to the end of a month and you haven’t completed your TBR, that can make you feel a bit crap about your reading. So just get rid.

Carry a book with you everywhere

Again, most of us probably do already do this. But this can make you feel like you’ve read more than usual, depsite not reading quicker. Because who knows when you have spare time while you’re out and about? Use those times to read a few more pages, and while it won’t feel like a lot, it’ll help, bit by bit. And you won’t feel bad because you’ve read a bit more.

Sometimes, you just need a break

This sort of relates to reading slumps. Sometimes, your reading pace might slow down just because your mind isn’t in the mood to process all those words. So take a break from reading for a bit. This could boost your enthusiasm next time you read. And I don’t mean huge breaks. Just  spend a day or so doing something different for a change, and next time reading comes along, you;ll be so ready to jump into the book. And might even read a bit quicker because your enthusiasm is hooked once again.

So those are my top 10 ways to reduce the pressure of reading quickly!

Some of these might not make any sense, but I hope that at least one of these methods might help you guys. 

Let me know which methods you think will help most.

Also, is there anything else you would add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…



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11 thoughts on “Top 10 ways to reduce the pressure to read quickly

  1. This is a really great post and a very helpful one too !
    I set my GR challenge to 50 too, I know I can read more than that, and I’ll probably double it up but I feel like if I put my goal too close to the actual amount I read it’ll pressure me and I don’t need that haha so I’m leaving it at 50 and I’m also half way through it too.
    For the review thing, it happened to me once, I didn’t finish the book in time and I completely freaked out because my review wasn’t going to go up on its due day but then I reminded myself that I do this as a hobby and pressure takes the fun out of it.
    I do have a TBR but it’s not like I’m reading ALL those books this month, they’re like the books I want to get too this month but if I can’t read all of them, the ones remaining get pushed to the beginning of the following month 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      I’m the same with the GR challenge. I CAN read more but I don’t want it to become like I HAVE to, so 50 it is 🙂
      Also I’m glad TBR’s work for you! They really don’t work for me, my mood changes to often for me to stick with one specific list haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this post! Reading shorter books help me or sometimes I read graphic novels, comics or manga in between big books so I don’t fall into a slump!

    Liked by 1 person

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