How To Read More

how to read more

I’ve seen this sort of post everywhere, and personally I love them, so I decided to make my own.

I’ve put together a few tips on how I personally add more reading into my life, so hopefully there will at least be a few that are different, interesting, or helpful.

Like I said, these tips are what I do myself, but maybe they’ll help you guys, or give you a bit of inspiration πŸ™‚

So here are my tips on how to read more!

Take a book everywhere you go

I’m pretty sure most of us already do this. But if you don’t – take a book everywhere! Whether it be a physical book, an Ereader, or an audiobook, take the story out with you. You never know when you’ll have a bit of extra time to read. Plus I don’t think anyone enjoys public transport, so it’s a great distraction to have on your journey!



Don’t think 10 minutes is too short a time to read

To be honest, I still do have this mindset. I have 10 minutes of extra time, and I’ll sit on my phone rather than read because I don’t think there’s enough time. But I’m gradually pulling myself out of this. 10 minutes is plenty of time to read a few pages! And sure, you might not finish an entire chapter (which can be annoying), but you’ll be a few more pages ahead than you were before, right? Right!


Dedicate time everyday to read

Everyday in the evening, or before bed, I read. I do all my work through the day, and then have my evenings spare most of the time. So I dedicate a good few hours of that to reading. This is when I read the most. So dedicate a time in the day to read – whether it be the morning when you’ve woken up, or just before you go to sleep – and you’ll soon get into that routine.


Read short books, novellas or graphic novels in between bigger books

This one I mention quite a lot. When reading bigger books (like Outlander, for example), I read shorter books to break it up a bit. Usually I like to go for graphic novels, since they can be read within an hour. But if you read shorter books, the amount of books you’ve read will go up much quicker. Also, it just means that if you spend 2 weeks reading a huge book, you actually read more than one book in two weeks. If that makes sense…


Take advantage of your mood

And by this I mean read whatever you’re most in the mood for. If you don’t particularly feel like reading the book you’ve started, but instead are in the mood for something else – go for it! Or when you’re choosing your next book to read, choose whatever you’re most in the mood for. Because when you really feel like reading that book, you’re guaranteed to read it much quicker.




I nearly always multitask. I multitask whenever I can. There’s just too many things I want to do with my days. So think of it this way. You’re sat in the bath, possible having a pamper session and waiting for a face mask to dry. Read. Sure, it’s risky taking a book in the bath with you, but as long as you’re careful…why not take that risk? So while you’re having a nice pamper evening, you’re getting those few extra pages in.

Or maybe you’re cooking food, and waiting for it to finish in the oven. Read.

There’s plenty of situations where you can read at the same time. Trust me.


Go on social media

Now, this might not work for everyone, as there can be time where you end up on Twitter and then – oops I’ve been on here for half an hour now.

But sometimes, social media can be a motivator. Whenever I see people talking about reading, or sharing photos of what they’re currently reading, it nearly always puts me into a reading mood. So maybe that could help?

You know, as long as you don’t fall into the endless pit of Twitter.



Have “break days” away from work

I do this every week, if I can. I tend to dedicate days for any college work I have to do, and then do as much as I can on those days. I try to finish the work as soon as possible, so that I can then have entire days off to just do what I wish. This is usually at the weekend (like today), and I feel like they really benefit me in many ways. It just feels so good to have a break from everything, to calm down, and catch up with any reading I might have missed out on during the week. Β I also feel like these break days really settle my mind πŸ™‚


So there we have it!

Those are my tips on how to fit more reading into your schedule!

Do you do any of these tips yourself?

Are any of them new to you, and thinking of trying them out?

Do you have any tips of your own? I’d love to hear them!

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…



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18 thoughts on “How To Read More

  1. These are some great tips! I think put the ‘dedicate a day’ tip into practice this week. On Wednesday I didn’t post on my blog and barely went on WordPress because I wanted to read and finish a book (which I hadn’t did in ages before then! The thing with the ten minutes reading is that I get hooked into my book and read for like another 2 hours instead of doing the thing I had to doπŸ˜‚

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  2. The social media thing totally works for me. I’ll go on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram and see people talking about the books they’re reading or see their pretty book pictures and it almost always makes me want to read! I sometimes read shorter books in between larger ones to give me a break from the big books without having to completely stop reading and to make me feel like I’m reading quickly haha

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  3. I don’t think I’ve seen the social media tip before! But it’s definetly something that motivates me! and Goodreads too especially if I see someone is reading the same book as me xx

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