A Darker Shade of Magic: Book 3 TITLE REVEAL!

title reveal

Here we have another one of those spontaneous blog posts when an exciting bookish reveal has been made while I’m actually around to write a post about it.

So this time, we have one of my favourite series: A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC by V.E. Schwab. 

And this time, we have a title reveal.

We can finally stop calling the third book ADSOM3!

So what’s the title of the third book? I here you ask…

Here it is!

conjuring of light


It fits SO well with the other two titles! If there’s one thing I appreciate about a book series, it’s when a theme is kept up throughout, with the titles and design. Especially when they’re as stunning as the little collection Victoria Schwab has going on here ❤ Also, it gives me a tiny speck of hope. A Conjuring of Light sounds like good things will happen…but judging from Victoria Schwab’s twitter feed, I’m not letting my hopes get TOO high *looks at title warily*

I know it’s early days, because we were only given A Gathering of Shadows at the end of February, but I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK. AND THE UK COVER REVEAL!!! (I don’t know when that is, but I’m sure there’ll be another one of these spontaneous posts when it happens)

In the meantime, I’ll continue staring at my beautiful AGOS tournament cards, and plan next year’s reread of the series so far. 

See my spoiler free reviews for the series:

A Darker Shade of Magic

A Gathering Of Shadows

So what do you guys think?

Do you like the title? 

Do you think it suits the series well?

Are you a fan of this series? Have you read the latest book, or catching up?

If you haven’t started this series yet (why not???) is it on your TBR?

Until next time…



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