Discussion Posts: Reading Different Genres

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So this is a topic I actually find quite interesting, as random as it is.

Reading different genres of books.

I’ve noticed that more people are trying this lately, so I’ve decided that this week’s post can be about sharing your experience with book genres.

So let’s talk about reading different book genres!

My experience?

So, this year I feel like I’ve explored more book genres than I have any previous year – and we’re only in the 4th month.

My favourite genre is fantasy, so I do dominantly read those books, but I’ve definitely tried a few other genres that I wouldn’t have even thought of reading this time last year.

A lot of my reading in the last few months has been contemporary and historical fiction. Now, I used to HATE contemporary with a passion, thinking it was all cheesy love stories that made me cringe (which, to be honest, some still do). But now I’ve found so many good books in that genre, and can’t wait to find more. As for historical fiction, I’ve only tried a few in that genre so far, but love everything I’ve read of it.

I’m also hoping to read more classics this year, because I’ve not read many at all. Though I’ve not read any yet this year, unless you count the Penguin Little Black Classics that are about 50 pages each.

So why this sudden change of heart?

I just felt like it, to put it simply.

I’ve seen so many popular books that I used to just cast aside because I didn’t think I’d enjoy them, thanks to them being in a different genre to what I usually read. But I feel like I’ve opened my eyes more now.

The advantages of reading different book genres

– It can broaden your mind on a variety of topics. Instead of just knowing how to slay dragons and conjure spells, you can also learn history, or see different views on feminism, or understand mental health that little bit more.

– You could have a wider platform to base your reviews from. You will see how characters are written in different genres, as well as settings and the writing style in general. There’ll be so many more books to compare with.

– You might just find a new favourite book that you weren’t expecting to enjoy so much, which’ll take you by surprise (it’s happened to me so many times).

– Your book collection might become just that little bit more interesting, with all the different genres making it seem like a real library.

– You might never get bored of your favourite genre, if you keep taking breaks from it with others.

– You will always have a book in your collection to suit your mood – because we all know how suddenly your reading mood can change.

The disadvantages of reading different book genres

– Your favourite genre might not be your favourite genre any more.




And apparently I can’t think of any more.

Well that’s a very one-sided argument! Oh dear *shakes head*

But you can see where I’m getting at with this.

Last year I would dominantly read Fantasy and Dystopian. Now my list has grown considerably, with me happily picking up Fantasy, Dystopian, Contemporary, SciFi, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Mystery…I could go on.

So now it’s your turn to discuss!

Which genres do you tend to read? Which is your favourite genre?

Have you started reading any different genres this year? Which ones?

Has your favourite genre changed at all?

Can YOU think of any negative reasons about reading different genres, since I failed so hard at that?

Or maybe you have another advantage to add to the list?

Join the discussion in the comments!

Until next time…



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22 thoughts on “Discussion Posts: Reading Different Genres

  1. 2 years ago I dominantly read contemporary with a few dystopians and fantasy reads here and there but now I read fantasy and contemporary in the same amount and love both equally, and other genres of course. I just decided one day to get out of my comfort zone and it worked !

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  2. Last year I read lots of genres but found my love for contemporary and read a dominant about of those but this year I haven’t found as many contemporaries that I loved (I think I just read so many really good ones that I can’t find any more that are on that level) but I also have been reading lots of paranormal and dystopian and I read a historical fiction which I hardly read even though I really enjoy them, and I found my favourite book! Ah I love reading different genres.

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  3. For the past three or four years, I’ve pretty much read nothing but sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian. But in the past couple of months I’ve been wanting to read more contemporary and historical fiction because I do really enjoy those genres, I’ve just kind of cast them aside. I think reading a bigger variety of genres will keep me from getting bored as they’ll be more varied and it won’t feel like I’m reading the same few plots over and over again which can definitely be an issue if you only read one or two genres haha

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  4. I have also been trying to read more classics and more adult books than reading mainly YA fiction, and the main reason for this is because YA has become quite repetitive and I just want something new, also good luck one your reading journey and I have you`ll find a book you love!! πŸ˜€

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  5. I think I always claim to be a die hard fantasy fan but really my two favourite genres are both fantasy and contemporary, which means I’m getting the best of both worlds right?! I never used to be a big contemp fan, but maybe that because I’ve been reading the wrong books! I don’t think I’ve been reading anything really different this year, just more contemporary probably.

    You couldn’t find anything bad about reading different genres because THERE ISN’T ANYTHING BAD! Reading different genres is one of the best things to do when you’re a reader.

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  6. I tend to read Fantasy and Urban Fantasy, but I have always enjoyed a good contemporary or historical fiction. Paranormal,Sci-Fi and Dystopia are genres that I really enjoy reading. I enjoy reading mystery/thrillers but I should read more of them. This year I will try to read some horrors and classics as my ‘opening’ in the genres field.
    I just enjoying having something different!
    Also, I should add that my mood, my reading mood is the one who decides what I’m going to read next. If I need a lot of romance (contemporary) or some action or some history πŸ˜€

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  7. I tend to read a lot of Contemporary and Fantasy, but this year I’ve started to read a lot of Crime/Mystery and I absolutely love them. I can definitely see my favourites changing slightly (not much though). The only disadvantage of reading different genres I can think of is that you may pick a genre and not like it. But you never know until you at least try it so it’s definitely a risk worth taking in my opinion.

    Lauren @ My Expanding Bookshelf

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  8. I like reading urban fantasy, horror, or anything paranormal, usually.

    Lately I’ve been reading a few more dystopians and contemporary novels, though. I didn’t think I’d like them all that much, but I’m pleasantly surprised! They’re also nice breaks from gory books lol I’m enjoying them :3

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  9. Before I started blogging, I was this person who LOVED fantasy to bits. After I started blogging, I opened up and started reading other genres and its so fun! I used to be this person who hated contemporary but now I occasionally pick it up. It opened my eyes, honestly, because I could never dream of reading contemporary πŸ˜›

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