That Huge Build Up Of Books That I Hope To Read This Summer

summer TBR

You know when you sort of keep buying books and you really want to read them all but you don’t know when that’ll happen so you keep planning to read them soon and then you end up in a huge tangle of “oh my goodness what do I read now?!?”

Well, that’s basically what this post is.

I suppose this is a TBR, since I’m actually planning on reading these.

But these books are the books I hope to read this summer – well, all the books that I OWN that I plan to read. No doubt I’ll end up buying more. And obviously I’ll be reading more than just these books.

This was originally going to be a Top 10 post, but …well…there’s more than ten πŸ˜€

But anyway, I’m rambling.

Here are the books I own that I hope to read this Summer!


Now, I had thought that most of these books were contemporary and historical fiction. But I’ve realized there’s actually a few fantasy thrown in there too, so it’ll be a good mix πŸ˜€

Lola and the Boy Next Door

by Stephanie Perkins


This series. Oh my days. I swear I’ll finish it one day.

I read Anna and the French Kiss about 2 years ago, and it quickly became a favourite of mine. But I never carried on the series, because I have such a bad habit of doing that. So I’m determined to finally read the entire series this summer. I’m still trying to decide whether to reread Anna, because I can’t remember much at all. But I know they’re not related that much so who knows. I probably will, just so I can have reviews of the entire series on here.


Isla and the Happily Ever After

by Stephanie Perkins


Obviously linking to the last book, I’m hoping to read Isla and the Happily Ever After too. And finish this series that I’ve put off for two years.

*shakes head at self*

Deary me.


All The Light We Cannot See

by Anthony Doerr

All the light we cannot see

A book that I’ve heard nothing but good things about, All The Light We Cannot See.

I’ve always been a bit hesitant about this one, but I have no idea why.

I love historical fiction. It’s won awards. I’ve seen hundreds of good reviews. One of my favourite booktubers – who has a VERY similar reading taste to me – adores it. So why am I so hesitant? I’m pretty much guaranteed to love it!

Either way, I’m hoping to read it this summer.


The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting

by Holly Bourne


I discovered Holly Bourne’s book series Am I Normal Yet? early this year, and absolutely fell in love with both of them. So I immediately bought this one too, because I wanted all her writing, and the 3rd book in the Normal series isn’t out yet.

This is one that I’ve been purposefully saving. I didn’t want to go through her books so quickly, and I know I still have Soulmates to buy and read, but still. I wanted to save it.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone

by Laini Taylor


Oh look, another book I’m almost guaranteed to love!

I have no idea why I haven’t read this yet. I don’t have any excuses.

It just keeps managing to slip out of my grasp every time I choose a new book to read.

But that will soon change.



by Naomi Novik


This one I only got recently, so I don’t feel too bad about it being on this list.

I’d been waiting for the paperback to be released for ages, and almost didn’t recognize it in the bookstore because of the different cover edition! I came so close to just walking straight past, but luckily I saw the title and stopped short.

This sounds like a really magical fantasy read, so I’m highly looking forward to reading it!


The Lie Tree

by Frances Hardinge

The lie tree

Now, this one seems particularly interesting to me…purely for the fact that it doesn’t sound anything like what I’d usually read. Odd, I know.

Interesting because it’s not what I’m usually interested in? Doesn’t make sense.

BUT, hear me out.

This book has literally been thrown in front of my face so many times since it’s release. I remember thinking the cover was interesting, picked up and read the synopsis, but put it back again. And then it won the Costa Award, as that annoyingly large printed circle on the cover shows. And then people kept recommending it to me on here. And then one of my friends at college pulled it out of her bag and told me about it, saying I had to read it.

And that’s when I started wondering how many times Β I could be pestered to read a book, before actually giving in.

So here it is. Officially on the list.


I’ll Give You The Sun

by Jandy Nelson

I'll give you the sun

This was quite an impulsive buy last month, but I was planning on reading it in May.

But as with every single TBR I ever make (probably including this one), I never stick to it, and won’t actually end up reading it this month.

But soon. I promise.


The Next Together

by Lauren James

The Next together

A sort of historical fiction/contemporary mix. “How the hell does that work?” you might be wondering. I believe it’s a book about reincarnation, so it goes through all the ages.

I don’t have much to say about this one apart from it sounds interesting, it’s been on my shelves a while, so I need to read it!


Stars Above

by Marissa Meyer

Stars Above

Probably the most photogenic book on the list, Stars Above.

This book is a collection of novellas from The Lunar Chronicles. I’ll definitely be reading this one at some point this year, because I’m on a mission to finish as many of the book series I’ve started as I can. And this is the last book I need to finish The Lunar Chronicles.

I’ll be waiting until I need to revisit my favourite Rampion crew to dive into this one.


Dragonfly in Amber

by Diana Gabaldon


Aaaaaaan as for the most intimidating of any book I need to read…

This book is about 1000 pages long. Holy Moly.

But I read Outlander in January and fell in love with it completely. I was obsessed ❀

So of course I’m going to be continuing the series…I just need a huge chunk of time to be able to tackle each one. So what better time than the summer?


So there we have it!

Those are all the books I purposefully plan on reading this Summer, as chosen from the books on my shelves.

Share your thoughts!

Are there any books here I should prioritize? Any you would recommend?

Are there any on the list that you’ll be reading this summer too?

Are any of them on your TBR at all?

What other books do you plan on reading this Summer? I’d love to know!

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…



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22 thoughts on “That Huge Build Up Of Books That I Hope To Read This Summer

  1. Lola and The Boy Next Door is my personal favorite from the series! (But all three books are really so gooood) I’ll Give You The Sun is also one of my favorite books ever. Have fun reading this summer! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Every single book on this list that I have read, I loved! All the Light We Cannot See and Uprooted are some of my favorite books! And most of the others are on my TBR, too. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Argh quick let’s high five! I’m totally on the same page here. We’ve actually got quite a few of the same books like Daughter of Smoke and Bone and I’ll Give You the Sun. I definitely recommend (in fact, I’m throwing it at you) reading All the Light We Cannot See. I enjoyed it so much and it’s so unique – plus the chapters are short so you end up reading it fast because you keep telling yourself, just one more. I hope you get around to all of these!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *High five* πŸ˜€ Hopefully we’ll both read Daughter of Smoke and Bone & I’ll Give You The Sun soon!
      And don’t worry, All The Light We Cannot See is very high up on my priority list! I think I just need to get back into my historical fiction mood again! At the minute I’m all about fantasy fantasy fantasy πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lola and Isla will be great summer reads! Perfect for lying on the beach/in a grassy space/anywhere with sunshine πŸ™‚
    All the Light We Cannot See and I’ll Give You The Sun are both on my TBR, and will hopefully get through both this summer. I may start the latter today.

    Liked by 1 person

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