The Quirks Of A Bookworm – Because Apparently These Things Aren’t Normal

quirks of a bookworm

We bookworms are a great community.

And…apparently a pretty odd one too.

But we do have to admit, there’s a fair few things we do that can’t be considered “normal” – whatever that means.

But we can’t help it! We’re not going to apologize for letting ourselves feel so much for words on a page.

At least, I won’t. I refuse to. You can’t make me.

But who wants to be normal? Why not celebrate the little quirks we have? Well, in this small corner of the internet, that’s exactly what I’m doing, because I adore our bookish community and all its quirkiness.

So here’s a list of just a few of our quirks, to give you fellow bookworms something to relate to, and to you non-reader out there…well, here’s an insight to our bookish lives.

Though if you’re a non-reader, I’d be rather confused as to how you found yourself here on my book blog. Either way, enjoy!

arrange books

New bookshelves? Obviously we have to sort them out.

New book? Well, we need to fit it somewhere…it’s like Tetris trying to fit them all together!

New season? Well, it’s Summer now. If you can change clothes to suit the season, why shouldn’t I rearrange my shelves into rainbow colours?

New favourite? This NEEDS to be on display. Oh. Well if I just move this book here – then this one can face outwards – oh wait but then there’s this one that needs moving…

Bored? Oh look! The shelves haven’t been moved for a while. Let’s rearrange them!

Photo envy? *sees photo of someone else’s bookshelves* *gasp* THAT LOOKS AMAZING! *looks at own shelves* Hmm….maybe I can make mine look like that…


*goes on an outing* 

*Landscape is full of wonderful fields of flowers and a beautiful sunset is in the distance while the friends that mean so dear to you are frolicking around having the time of their lives*

This would make a GREAT background for bookstagram!


*sat in the park reading on a sunny day with friends*

Me: *takes photo of book to show on Twitter just how great the day has been*

Person: “Why are you doing that?”

Me: “To show how much I’ve enjoyed today!”

Person: “But you read every day, don’t you?”

Me:“…well…yeah but…I’m outside this time…”

creatures of doom

We all know what I mean.

The dreaded cover change.

Yes, we admit that sometimes it works. Sometimes the cover changes are very welcome because the original covers were just so bad (looking at you, Anna and the French Kiss and Throne of Glass).

BUT. Ohhhh how we hate it when they’re changed partway through a series.

And when it happens…WE RIOT.

Not literally but you know, on social media we have strong but respectfully stated opinions about how unhappy we are.



*COUGH* The Bone Season *COUGH*

complusion to throw

For some reason, we feel like throwing books all the time.

If we hate a book – throw it out of the window. If we REALLY love a book – throw it across the room while screaming to let all the emotions out. Want to recommend someone a book? – THROW IT AT THEM.

I don’t think we actually know how to handle books.

But we have to restrain ourselves from all the throwing. Not because we’re worried about hurting someone or damaging the walls of our rooms. Oh no. We only restrain from this compulsion because we don’t want to damage our beloved books. How horror-struck we’d be if we did actually throw one across the room, only to find the cover had bent on impact.

talk for hours

We’ll never run out of things to talk about when it comes to books.

I mean, we could spend a good half an hour or so talking about just one book. And if you think about how many books we’ve each read, that a lot of hours.

And that’s before even getting started on topics related to genre, important issues etc.

Basically, we could talk for hours and hours and hours about books without getting bored of it.

And trust me, we do.



Outfits? There’s plenty of posts on blogs and instagram where bookworms have book inspired outfits. I even have a post of my own somewhere on here.

Hairstyle? I decided today that I wanted to do my hair like Lou Clarke from Me Before You. Books are actually a great way of getting hairstyle inspiration.

Words? No doubt some book quotes are thrown into everyday life.

Drinks? Oh yes, I’m drinking tea. Oh! This reminds me of Victorian Literature! I just read a scene in Wuthering Heights where they’re drinking tea!

Yes, we can find the smallest reasons to be inspired by books.

supernatural strength

Now, we bookworms tend to have a lot of books. And they needs transporting sometimes. Whether it’s because we’re on one of our rearranging flurries, or because we’re wandering around a bookstore trying to decide which books to buy, or because we’re trying to take a good photo for bookstagram, there’s plenty of situations where we need to move books.

And for some reason, we don’t just move a few at a time. Oh no no, that’d make things way too simple.

We move them all at the same time. 

We gain this supernatural strength from somewhere deep within, and carry a stack of books the same height as ourselves, claiming it’s “easier” to move them all at the same time. To stack them all in our arms and carry out a great balancing act, just waiting for the moment they all collapse and bury us.

But we succeed.

To some extent.

social media

What you mean, people use social media for other things?

What would I watch on YouTube if booktubers didn’t exist?

What would I post on Instagram if I didn’t post picture of books?

What would I talk about on Twitter if not about books?

How would I keep track of which books I read this years if Goodreads didn’t exist?


fiction over real


A commonly known one, but it needed to be here.

Because while everyone’s out partying/clubbing/doing whatever social people do on weekends, I’ll happily be sat curled up in bed with a coffee and a good book.

Very happily.

And there’s times when I have a busy day, and the idea of not reading will annoy me halfway to hell.

Who can blame us for wanting to read about people who are indefinitely interesting and lovable? Rather than attend events ourselves and have to stumble through conversations for hours on end, we’d much rather read the witty conversations in books. Or go on the adventures with them, safely from the comfort of our rooms.



that’s enough of that

Book convention? We’re going if we can.

Bookish event? We’re going.

Author doing a signing in a city nearby? WE’RE GOING.

If we are anywhere near a city that has something bookish going on, we will do everything possible to make sure we go.

So there we have it!

Those are just a few of the quirks we bookworms tend to have!

I hope you enjoyed this! I really enjoyed writing it 😀

Did you relate to any of these? 

Which one is your favourite?

Are there any you’d add to the list?

Would you like to see a part 2 at some point?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…


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14 thoughts on “The Quirks Of A Bookworm – Because Apparently These Things Aren’t Normal

  1. This is all me 😂 I’m always complaining I don’t have space in my bookshelf put I put my fav books or fav covers facing forward and my mum tells me that if I stop doing that I’ll have more space but like THEYRE MASTERPIECES THAT NEED TO BE IN FULL DISPLAY 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true haha! You just HAVE to have all the favourites on display, especially if they have a stunning cover! It’s like how I have my illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone facing out on display, when I could fit so many more books in that space. BUT NO. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Im always changing the placement of my books! I never know why but I just have to. Also the constant cover changes are soooo annoying. However sometime they can be welcomed with open arms

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It just feels so satisfying to see your books rearranged into another place. And if it doesn’t work? It’s not that hard to change them back again! 😀 And usually, cover changes can be welcomed when the entire series is already out in the original covers…but partway through? No thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Everything about this post was perfect! I actually laughed out loud at some of these things made me laugh out loud because of how true they are!

    Liked by 1 person

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