Just another quick note to say…My Art page is up and running!

art page two

Posting twice in one day isn’t something I like to do, but even though I just uploaded a review, I felt like I needed to give this quick announcement.

As some of you might now, I’m quite an arty person.

And every time I mention that on here, you guys seem really interested. I share my art on Twitter, but I thought…maybe I should add another page on here showing photos of some of the art I do? Especially since most of it is fan art for books.  A few people told me it would be a great idea, so ..you know, I went for it!

So yeah. There’s a new page up in the menu bar called “The Arty Side” – a page dedicated to showing some of the art I’ve done. I’ll update it whenever I do something new that’s worth sharing. But for now…

if you’re interested in my art, head on over and explore!


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