August Book Haul – Probably the most random assortment of books I’ve gotten in a long time


I was considering not doing this haul. I mean, two of the books I was sent for review and have probably never been heard of. Four of them are classics. And only one is popular YA. So I didn’t think anyone would be interested.


But then I told myself “Stop being ridiculous. I’m excited about having these books, so I’ll share it. I’m not here just to talk about the ‘popular’ books – I’m here for all books.”

So here I am. With probably the most random assortment of books I’ve ever gotten.

Also I apologise in advance for the dodgy lighting in these photos. I had to improvise with …with…unnatural yellow lighting *GASPS* THE HORROR! 

Here are the books I got in the month of August!


the tormented witch

Amazon | Goodreads ]

This book was sent to me for review, and it honestly felt like a lifetime ago. Right at the start of the month. This actually arrived really quickly – I wasn’t expecting it for a while so it was a nice surprise.

My review for this is already up, so click here if you haven’t seen it already.


the future of the past

Amazon | Goodreads ]

The second and last book I was sent for review this month. Again, this one turned up quite quickly. I was in a bit of a debate with myself about whether to accept this one or not, but I decided to go for it.

I’ve already read this one too, so click here to see the review.


the retribution of mara dyer

Amazon | Goodreads ]

This year, I’m on a sort of mission to finish a whole bunch of the series I’ve started. But to do that, I need the last book in the series. So there’s the explanation for this one. Pretty simple, really.

I’ve not yet read this one, but I recently read the 2nd book so *hopefully* I’ll stick to my mission and read the last book soon.



Amazon | Goodreads

So in August I joined the Austentatious book club. I’d been planning to read all of Jane Austen’s books now that I’ve been getting into classics, but I feel like I needed a slight kick up the backside to actually read them. So this book club is that kick.

So while I was ordering the last Mara Dyer book from Amazon, I decided to prepare myself for the next couple of months in the book club, and bought the Wordsworth Classic editions of the upcoming books. September’s book is Persuasion, and I can’t wait to read it!


northanger abbey

Amazon | Goodreads ]

Leading on from the previous one, October’s book of the month is Northanger Abbey. Apparently this one is quite gothic and has a general dark feeling about it, and I love me some gothic Victorian classics. So again, I can’t wait to read this! (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it).


The beautifull cassandra

Amazon | Goodreads

Though this is Jane Austen, it’s not part of the book club. I just love the Penguin Little Black Classics and want to build my collection up – and with them literally being between 80p to £2.00 at most, I couldn’t really deny myself this little one. And for 80p, I absolutely loved it, the stories might not have been up to Jane Austen’s usual standard since she wrote these stories as a teenager…but I found them so amusing!

See my review here!


the call of cthulhu

Amazon | Goodreads ]

And for the final book…another classic! I told you I’d been getting into them lately. I didn’t actually mean to get this one though. It was my boyfriend’s, and after he read it he insisted I have it. He wanted me to read it because he loved it, and even though I argued saying he should keep it since he loved it, he said I’d appreciate having it in my collection more.

I’ll only argue against that for so long.

I’m currently reading this, but veeeerrryyy slowly. One short story at a time in between my other reads, just whenever I fancy a change.

So that was my August book haul!

Have you read any of these books? What do you think of them?

Maybe some of these are on your TBR?

How many books did you get in August? (feel free to leave a link to your haul if you have one! I love reading them)

Also, let me know if you’re also in the Austentatious book club!

Until next time…

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19 thoughts on “August Book Haul – Probably the most random assortment of books I’ve gotten in a long time

  1. I finished the Mara Dyer series this year and was so angry about it I can’t even explain it. Although I tried to by reviewing the final book. The second book confused me, what with all the flashbacks and memories, but I still liked it. But the third book… Let’s just say I wasn’t at all happy with the conclusion and leave it at that. Hope you have more luck with it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Austen! ❤ Persuasion is actually my least favorite Austen, but that doesn't mean it's bad at all 🙂 Northanger Abbey was also a really quick and entertaining read.
    + I love the classics and it gets a bit boring to see the exact same books on every single blog, so I'm glad you're showing your 'not popular' books! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad yi hear I’ve inspired you! Pride and Prejudice and The Beautiful Cassandra are the only ones I’ve read so far, but I’ve started Persuasion. I’m really looking forward to reading more – let me know if you do too!

      Liked by 1 person

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