Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas | The story of how Sarah never fails to trap my heart and CRUSH IT (no spoilers – as always!)


You knew this review was coming.

And you probably know how big a fan I am of everything Sarah J Maas writes, so you can probably guess which side of the love/hate scale this review is on.

But either way. Here’s my review!

spoiler free

Let’s talk about Empire of Storms!

Title: Empire of Storms

Author: Sarah J Maas

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Series Status: The 5th book in the Throne of Glass series

Genre: Young/New Adult, Fantasy

Number of Pages:   689



Goodreads(Synopsis copied from back cover)

Blood will run.

Dreams will shatter.

An army will rise.

The assassin-queen has sworn not to turn her back on her kingdom again. Especially when she might be the only one who can raise an army to keep the Dark King from unleashing his beasts upon them all. But Erawan will wield Aelin’s past, he allies, and her enemies against her.

With a powerful court trusting Aelin to lead them, and her heart devoted to the warrior-prince at her side, what – or who 0 is she willing to sacrifice to spare her world from being torn apart?


I will say this right now. If you hate this series, this review is not the place for you. Because I adore it, and I’m not letting other people’s hate ruin my enjoyment of it. I don’t mean the people who just dislike the series, you guys are fine. But hate is a very different matter and I won’t tolerate it.



Just needed to get that out of the way.

Because that’s basically all that was going through my mind for hours after finishing the book. Hence why this review has taken a while to go up.

By now, it’s no secret that I love Sarah J Maas’ books probably a little bit too much. So the days I spent reading this book were basically just me in full fangirl mode. I actually found it so hard to write notes as I read. One, because I rarely paused long enough to write notes and two, because my brain was just one huge !!!!!!!!!

But I tried. So here are my somewhat coherent thoughts:

I can pinpoint two main reason as to why I love this series so much…

  1. The characters. They all have such different personalities, and are so thoroughly built up that they feel like real people – or as real as they can be, considering this is a fantasy world and a lot of the characters are fantasy beings.
  2. Just the sheer amount of cleverness. HOW Sarah J Maas managed to think this plot up, I have no idea.

This book didn’t fail to completely blow my mind like the rest. I actually cannot believe the amount of scheming and clever twists/plot reveals that go on. The amount of times I actually gasped out loud was incredible. I’d be reading the book, and then some grand reveal would happen and I’d gasp, then smile, then laugh because of course. Of course I didn’t expect what was coming because that’s just the way it is!

I feel so involved with this world. Everything that happens, I feel so much emotion towards. I mean, I was sobbing by the end of this book. It wasn’t even something I’d usually sob about. If it was any other book, I probably wouldn’t have cried. But I’m way too emotionally invested, and I felt the effect of the situation fully.

“I would sooner die tomorrow than live a thousand years with a coward’s shame.”

The only *slight* problem I had with this book in particular was how Dorian seemed to change a bit. Of course, it’s understandable if you’ve read the previous books, considering what he goes through, but to me I think I’d have liked just a few more perspectives solely from him, just so we could see more of what was going through his head. Maybe then his personality change  might have made more sense.

I honestly think this might be my favourite book out of the series so far. That might change when I reread them, but for now, it’s my favourite. There’s just SO much action, paired with just the right amount of romance for me considering the sheer amount of characters. The story, the world, the characters…they all have a place in my bookish heart. And I’ve no doubt they’ll remain there for a very long time.

I know a lot of people find this series problematic. And I understand their reasons, I really do. But honestly, it doesn’t ruin my enjoyment for these books, and I’m so glad this one lived up to my expectations.

Rated 5/5 stars!



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15 thoughts on “Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas | The story of how Sarah never fails to trap my heart and CRUSH IT (no spoilers – as always!)

  1. I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t read these books by now! The line at the library is just soooooo long! Is it worth it to break down and just BUY the books? Will I re-read them? The last YA series I fell in love with was The Lunar Chronicles. Any read-alikes that might help with the decisioning here?
    There are only so many dollars! But I am so alone in not knowing these books!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You could always buy the first book or borrow it just to try it first? I’ve read The Lunar Chronicles and loved it, though the series aren’t anything alike (apart from an amazing cast of character) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh I’m so happy you enjoyed this! Your fangirling brings out my inner fangirl too – I can’t wait to read this book! But first, I must read Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows… do I have ang excuse for procrastinating this series? Not really! Sarah J Maas is incredible at conjuring such brilliant, intricate plots. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this – you’ve made me so excited to read this (even though I was already ridiculously excited anyway) – hope it lives up to my expectations too 🙂 I’m re-reading the rest of the series first, and I just got to Heir of Fire, but I really can’t wait to pick this up! Also totally agree with the last two sentences of your review.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have read all the books and really enjoyed this one! My favourite character is Manon, although I did like her in previous books I fell absolutely in love with her in this one. The story is weaved so well that as it all came together I was blown away and cannot wait for the next book! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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