Let’s Talk: Which do you prefer – booktube or book blogs?


The bookish community has taken over social media. WE WILL RIIIIISSSEEEE. We’re everywhere.

But where is it most people go? Well, usually it’s either book blogs or booktube. If a bookworm wants to start their own little bookish corner on the internet, it’s usually one or the other – or both.

Aimee over at lovelybookloves inspired this discussion, when she ran this poll on twitter:


Because when I went to vote, I actually had to stop and think for a moment. Think about what I love about each, compare them to each other, and how often I spend on each. So here’s the discussion!

Do you prefer book blogs or booktube more?


It’s fairly obvious what the differences are.

You either stand in front of a camera and talk about books, or you sit typing on a screen talking about books. You edit or you spell check. You watch a video for 10 minutes or you read a 500 word long blog post.

But it’s more than that. While you can get your personality through on a blog (I sure hope I have), it’s much easier to see on a video. People might want to see your face. People might feel more connected with you if they watched a video rather than read your words.

And yet blogs seem to be preferred for reviews, I think. And for general ease of use. It’s much more handy to have a blog to read than a video to watch. What if you’re in public and you don’t have earphones? You’ll have to save it for another time, sorry. Plus a lot of people are camera-shy, so blogging may be their preferred method of making their corner.


I started this blog because I wanted to be a booktuber. Makes no sense, right?

I’ve always adored booktube. I admired the people who could put together videos, talking about books and everything to do with them. I imagined myself being a booktuber, thought about where I’d film, what I’d film, what my thumbnails would look like.

But alas – I don’t have a camera. Or the technical skills to make a decent video.

Then I started my college course, which we have to run a blog for. That’s how I discovered WordPress. Yes that does mean I have another blog out there in the world, and a few of you who have followed me from the very beginning actually do follow it…before I made it private. It’s a very boring blog, all full of journalism work. Anyway, that’s how I discovered WordPress and learnt the basics of how to use it, then a month later – TADAAA A Frolic Through Fiction was born. And here we are today. Almost a year later.

So I knew I wanted my little corner of the internet. I originally posted mini reviews on instagram, but that just wasn’t enough. I wanted to make longer reviews, but didn’t just want them on Goodreads. I wanted a place I could design and be proud of. I wanted to make my own version of those TBRs, Hauls and Monthly Wrap Up videos/posts I love so much. Basically, I wanted a project. And once I have an idea in my head, I do everything I can to make it happen. 

Funnily enough though, I’m being tempted back into the booktube idea. I’m actually currently in the process of making a bookish video (if you have me on twitter or snapchat, you’ll probably know which I mean). I’ve found a way for me to film. I’ve found a way for me to edit. I’ve found out that I can actually upload a half decent video to YouTube – and I will do sometime soon. And I know that if that one video is received well….I’ll be tempted. I’ll be tempted to make the channel a proper booktube channel, to pair up with this blog.


Honestly, I think I prefer booktube. I love seeing people’s faces, and watching their excitement when they talk about books. I love seeing the difference between different people’s backgrounds, bookshelves, opinions. I get excited when my favourite booktubers upload a new video – and the end of the month is just GREAT, because all my favourite sort of videos come out.

But then when I think about the actual content… it changes. I hardly ever watch video reviews. But I love reading reviews! And all the videos I love on YouTube (hauls, TBRs, monthly wrap ups) I love them just as much in blog form. Then we get to the comments. I NEVER post comments on YouTube – at least, not at the minute – but I always try my best to leave comments on people’s blog posts, just because I love chatting.

I kind of feel like Booktube is there when I want a quick version. I watch a video, then I’m done. But when I’m in for the long haul, I love spending ages trawling through people’s blog posts, writing my own, commenting on loads of people’s posts and having chats about books.

So while I may love booktube just that little bit more when it comes to my entertainment…it’s fair to say I adore both. And my little community on here makes me so incredibly happy ❤

So now it’s your turn!

Which do you prefer? Booktube or book blogs?

Does it change when you consider what you watch/read, and what you make? Maybe you love watching booktube more, but would prefer to run a blog?

What made you decide to start a blog rather than a YouTube channel, or vice versa?

Does it ever change depending on your mood?

Or is there something else you prefer over both?

Join the discussion in the comments!

Until next time…


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55 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Which do you prefer – booktube or book blogs?

  1. I prefer book blogs. I actually don’t watch Youtubers at all, but some do have really well done videos as far as filming and editing goes. I just personally don’t find them entertaining, but obviously I am the minority there! lol I’ve only ever considered booktubing because of how popular it is, but I’m too shy to put myself out there that way. I don’t even use my own picture on blog/social media! Plus, I think people edit blogs more so they’re more coherent and to-the-point.

    You should definitely pursue it if it’s something you want to do. You’ll only get better with time. =)

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  2. Great post! I prefer book blogs, though. I love seeing the different ways people design their blogs, their graphics, etc. And I prefer reading, too! Also, like you mentioned, it’s easier to open and read a book blog wherever… but you can’t watch a vid whenever/wherever. Idk… blogs are my faves!! 😉

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  3. I personally am a little between both. I LOVE booktube, cause it’s so easy to just binge watch a ton of them, but I would never do it myself. And I adore Book blogs because it’s something I can actually do myself & I’ve been able to interact with other blogs a lot more. I’ve made friends already, it’s great!! So the circumstances definitely change how I feel.

    Booktube for entertainment.
    Book Blogs for interaction.

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  4. I’ve honestly never been able to get into booktube. I heard people consistently raving about certain booktubers, so I tried watching their videos but I just got kind of bored with them. I much prefer book blogs – I think part of it is that I can kind of read it at my own pace rather than having to watch the video in the way that they filmed it. I can skip around a blog post much more easily than I can skip around a video. Plus, I can visit blogs at the same time that I’m watching TV which I can’t do with booktube. So yeah, I definitely prefer blogs. 🙂

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  5. I honestly don’t enjoy watching YouTube video’s of most things. (I’ll watch music video’s and that’s really it.) I get tired of it after a while. I also don’t really feel like there’s the same dialogue that blogs have, which is one of my favorite things about blogging. I recognize that perhaps it’s because I’m not as familiar with booktube/youtube, but regardless there’s just something more intimate about a blog. I feel like each blog post is the start of a conversation, and I don’t get that same feeling from a video.

    I do agree you can see their faces, but I don’t think they have the advantage of showing personality. I think you can tell a lot about each other from their blog design and writing style, not to mention the books they choose. Maybe you can pick up a personality on a video or maybe you just see what the tuber wants you to see (the same as a blogger). 🙂

    But that’s just my opinion. And I love this post, by the way. I love reading reviews, but I love these thought pieces the most.

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    1. Fair point. I love seeing everyone’s different blog designs and writing style, it’s definitely dependent on their personally. I think I just think it’s easier on video because if I were to make both, I’d feel like people would be able to judge my personality more from videos. But I don’t know 🙂

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  6. For me I am a fan of both, I go to Booktube for ‘quick book fixes’ if you will, I check out peoples hauls for recommendations etc however I love Blogs a little bit more because I find that their is a little more variation with them. A-lot of the booktubers I watch seem to cover the same books whether it is because it’s new out of because the publisher has sent them. Blogging covers a whole range it seems, I scroll through my feed and see a review for horror, then poetry or then non fiction. It’s a lot of mis-match 🙂

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  7. I definitely prefer book blogs. I’ve never watched booktube and don’t really plan on ever doing so, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather read a post myself than have to watch someone talk about a book. Book blogs are just easier all round I think and sometimes I find it a bit awkward watching people talk about stuff, I’m not sure why haha! Interesting post!

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  8. I think I prefer booktube, too. I do love writing reviews and reading other’s post (like yours), but seeing other people’s faces and personalities is so much fun. What I don’t really like from booktube are book reviews, but I do love everything else. Great post as always!

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  9. I thought I prefer booktube because of how entertaining it is to see someone speak so enthusiastically about books. I was tempted to create one but I never got used to speaking in general. I guess one has to be enthusiastic and confident to really attract audiences. And I am picky about which booktuber I subscribe to. But now I find book blogs to be as exciting. I especially love blogs that have nice graphics and are easy on the eyes – like yours is! And it’s much better reading reviews than watching one. Although you can’t see the faces of book bloggers but I think that their personalities can shine as bright if they write from their heart. And you definitely do, Ashleigh. Book bloggers like you inspire me to keep up with my blog as well! Keep it up xx

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    1. Aw thank you! I prefer watching booktube because of the enthusiasm too – but it can definitely be shown through blogs just as much 🙂 So tempted to start my own booktube, though I’m not sure yet!

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  10. I like both! I am the same as you for book reviews, I perfer reading than watching. I love watching hauls, tags etc but i also love reading them. So I am stuck between both blogs and booktube😊

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    1. Yeah I think it’s just me favourite few booktubers that win it over for me 🙂 I go through phases too – one week I’ll prefer videos and the next, reading posts.


  11. I favor blogs. I love to read (haha shocking I know) and enjoy looking at how everyone else is doing it as well. I love checking out layouts and rating systems, etc. And I just have a certain appreciation for the time that goes into writing. I am not saying that videos do not take time ( I am sure there is plenty to edit and such, I just have no understanding or knowledge). Booktube can be fun as well though for sure. Seeing one another is always interesting!

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  12. Such an interesting post, Ashleigh! I definitely prefer book blogging – it’s so much more convenient for me! I like to blog and comment while I travel – so watching booktube videos sometimes takes up too much mobile data, whilst book blogs takes up less… it’s all about convenience for me haha xD
    Let us know about your video when it’s done – can’t wait to see it! 😀

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  13. I have never had any desire to have a booktube channel, but I admire those who do. I find booktube highly entertaining, but I also love reading through blogs. I think you hit the nail on the head. I like to watch book tags, weekly memes, TBRs, and book hauls on booktube, but I prefer to read my book reviews.

    Great post!

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  14. I am certainly on the blog bandwagon. I feel like it’s easier to build a relationship on a blog, and if I am not interested in a post a ton, it’s really easy to skim and find if there is content I *do* care about. Lastly, I’m rarely in a position where I can listen to sound when I’m checking out the blogs. This is hugely important for BookTube. 😉

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    1. Yeah I think blogs are much more convenient since they don’t need sound. I usually end up saving loads of booktube videos until I can binge-watch them all, rather than just whenever – purely for convenience

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  15. Okay so first off your analysis of this was really interesting. We liked how you brought up the content factor. How you said you prefer to read a review then watch someone talk about it. How book hauls and stuff like that work well on both platforms.

    We’ve a few thoughts to add to that because we’re monumentally annoying😂

    We definitely prefer book blogs because there’s a more obvious difference between the styles of each blog. The way someone writes, the blog design, even the phrasing of certain sentences makes blogs far more personal.

    Booktubers, particularly the most popular booktubers all feel the exact same and it’s draining because you’re looking for personality and all you’re getting is the same thing from a hundred different people (maybe not a hundred. We don’t actually know of a hundred booktubers. That figure is definitely an exaggeration)

    This post was really great and really thought out and it’s possible this is the first time we’re commenting on your blog? Yes? Which is ridiculous because we should have done so much sooner.

    Anyway, we’re off to virtually prance around the rest of your blog and leave a variety of comments🙌🙌

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    1. Ahaha yay welcome to my blog! I’ll be sure to check your out after replying to all the comments ahaha 😆

      I think for me, I probably see more personality in videos because I stick to the few booktubers I love, and I know who likes which genres, recognise their backgrounds, pick up on little things I see etc – whereas with the amount of blogs I follow, I find it hard to keep track sometimes. That’s my own fault though for following so many!

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  16. I’m team blog. I always feel a little awkward watching YouTube reviews, and I find it off-putting that you can’t play them anywhere and everywhere. I also just find it easier to digest a review and think about it when it’s written down, and I like being able to respond through the same medium. It feels more like a conversation, I guess, whereas watching a video feels more one-sided and instructional, like a lecture (even if the person isn’t actually giving a lecture). Does that make sense?

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  17. While I love Booktube, I don’t check every day. I like checking book blogs every day and it’s more convenient. Also I can read book blogs all day (like I did today lol)

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  18. I have been sharing my seasonal reading list and I want to dive in more to this. I’m not about that camera life on the internet so I want to dive into booktube. I only watch two booktube-ish youtubers and two book-tube ish bloggers.


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