Let’s Talk: Your opinion on romance in books…do you love it?Does it make you cringe? Is it necessary?


Here’s one of those discussions that’s entirely subjective. There’s no right or wrong answer, there’s no “popular opinion”. It’s just a thing to chat about really.


Near enough every single book to exist has a romance in it somewhere.

So I’m asking you today…

What’s your opinion of romance in books?


Honestly? A bit half and half.

In general, I don’t like romance stories. I’m not one of those girls who swoons easily, instead I cringe. And it’s the main reason why I don’t read that much contemporary compared to fantasy. I just can’t deal with cringe.

But here’s the thing. When it’s romance within a fantasy story, I love it. I’ll ship all the couples and fangirl over them. And the difference? It’s not the main focus of the story. There’s nearly always some bigger problem in the world, or something else to focus on. And I like that much more. Because when a story is entirely focused on the main character worrying about their love life…that just feels odd to me. There’s so many other things to worry about, and having someone focus their entire day, every day, around one person…that doesn’t sound healthy to me. I know love can make everything revolve around that person, but you need to be your own person too.


No no no no no no no.

I don’t think so at all.

Again, life shouldn’t revolve around finding another person. You be your own person, you don’t have to rely on someone else. So I don’t believe that every single story needs a romance to be just as powerful.

It just shows how common it is for romances to be included, when books without it are advertised as “having no romance”. The fact that it needs to be pointed out kind of proves that we all expect it somewhere. And those books without it feel like rare fossils. I’ll clamber over my ridiculously-large-avalanche-style TBR to grab that book with both hands just because it’s something difference. It’s a nice break.

Again, sometimes I do enjoy romance, and I only have a problem with it when it’s full on cringe-worthy. But no, I don’t think it’s necessary to make a great story.

So now it’s your turn!

What do you think of romance in books?

Do you love it? Hate it? Does it make you cringe?

Does it depend on the story?

Do you love romance stories, or prefer to read about romance under another genre like fantasy/SciFi/Dystopia/Historical Fiction?

Does a book with no romance intrigue you any more than one with it?

Join the discussion in the comments!

Also, if you have any suggestions or topics you want to see in one of these discussion posts, please leave a comment! I’m brainstorming new discussion ideas and could really use your input!  

Until next time…


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45 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Your opinion on romance in books…do you love it?Does it make you cringe? Is it necessary?

  1. I. Love. Romance ❤ I think I'm your opposite, I get swayed easily hahah that's why I actually really enjoy contemporaries. The love stories are all so adorable. Instead when it comes to fantasy/dystopian/sci fi, I don't think romance is always necessary. Because just like you said, it's not the focus of the story and I hate it when the main characters get distracted from their missions and focus on their significant others instead. Though I must admit, I keep telling myself that romance isn't always necessary, yet I still swoon easily and wish there are more romances in it 😛

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    1. I must admit, this year I’ve gotten into contemporaries more and there’s a few cute stories that have managed to sway me. As much as I usually hate it, sometimes you do just need a good cringe/cuteness fest 😆 It’s definitely in other genres where it doesn’t always feel necessary! And I’m like you – while it’s sometimes annoying when the main character loses track of bigger issues because of another person…it’s hard not to swoon sometimes ahaha!

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  2. I like romance, mostly on contemporary novels because I feel like it is well developed. In other books like in fantasy novels sometimes I feel like the romance is forced and filled with insta-love with no development whatsoever. But I also agree with your views.

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  3. It really depends on the book for me. For the most part I prefer no romance, which is really hard to find. I feel like almost every book out there has some sort of romance or a character pining over a guy/girl and it has been getting a bit old.
    When I’m reading a dystopian book I’m reading it for the world and the adventure, not so this person can meet that person and have all these feelings forming. I’m a cynical person.

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    1. No, I agree! There’s already an interesting plot to the story just in the world when it comes to fantasy/SciFi/Dystopia, so it gets a bit old when a romance is clearly brought in just to add more drama. There’s always the “lying to him/her is for the best” when it really isn’t, or some sort of “sacrifice” scene. Sure, sometimes I love that kind of thing, but it would be nice to see people do that kind of things for friends or family once in awhile, rather than some guy/girl they just met.

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      1. Exactly! I loved it in The Hunger Games because it was my first series in that genre like that… once I got to Divergent and some other similar series I was so done with it. It felt so cliche.

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    1. Subplots – THAT’S the word I couldn’t remember when typing this ahaha! 😆
      I’ve gradually been getting into contemporaries more, but for me it’s definitely still a thing where I’ll have a short phase of reading them, but then go off them for MONTHS. I’m glad you liked Fangirl, I liked that one too! I’ve been really intrigued about Girl In Pieces so I’m happy to hear you’re liking that too 🙂

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  4. I really like romance and contemporary, they are basically all I own and read. But I only like the light-hearted romance books that arent solely about to people being “madly in love”. I also like reading romance in other genres, like the Divergent series. Great idea for a blog post by the way 🙂 xx

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  5. I like romance novels when it’s the genre I set out to read, but I often find that authors add a romance to just about every genre anymore. Couldn’t it just be a well developed friendship instead of a romance? I’d love to read more books about friendship and family. I think it sets the tone that we need someone to be happy and that’s not the case at all. But I do enjoy one of my sports romances on occasion. I also go into those knowing there will be some cheesy love story. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I agree that every so often you DO actually just need that sort of cheesy love story, and it’s great when you set out for it. But like you said, it’s in every genre now and just seems to be thrown in for some added drama. It’d be SO much nicer to have the main character focus on their friends or family instead – especially in YA where so many main character’s parents just vanish (either by death/negligence/general separation).

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    1. I know haha 😆 Whenever there’s some huge issue looming ahead and the main character is solely focusing on whether their love interest is brooding or not, I just feel like jumping into the pages, tapping them on the shoulder and shouting “YOU HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS” ahaha 😆

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  6. I like romance, as I do many other genres, when it is written well. But never as the main plot – there needs to be something else going on with the storyline to test the characters and bring about adversity and growth. It’s not in every book I read – all in moderation – but I enjoy that intense human connection, romantic or otherwise, it reminds me that we are not alone…

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    1. It’s definitely a nice thing to read about 🙂 I think it’s fair to say it’s nice to see another plotline alongside it too though, just to show that bit of independence for the characters rather than them being solely on the “I can’t live without this person” thought 🙂

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  7. I agree with you. Sometimes a lot of romance make me cringe a little. I do enjoy Contemporary novels, but sometimes the romance is too much. We always ship every couple in fantasy books, haha… we’re so weird. Great discussion!

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  8. I myself am a fan of romance but when the romance is cringey, insta-love. No thank you!
    I like when its like a real portrayal with trials and tribulations along the way not like ‘OH LOOK SOUL MATE… HAPPILY EVER AFTER BYE’

    I do like to read contemporary n/a novels because sometimes its nice to sit down with a happy book but I also find that I like their to be a romance element to dystopian novels like The Hunger Games I like Peeta and Katniss – I’m not a fan of the love triangle though!
    Greats Discussion post! 🙂

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    1. Thank you!
      Love triangles and insta-love are just a no from me 😆 I get what you mean about wanting a “happy book” every so often though, just something that somewhat lighthearted and probably has a happy ending 🙂

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  9. I agree that romance should be a sub-plot. Books where the main plot is a love story just bore me. I want more action (no, not that kind of action) than that. But…that being said, I do kind of miss romance in books without it…unless there’s a good friendship story or something similar. I love reading about relationships that come from sharing in a similar struggle I guess – whether it be contemporary or dystopian or whatever.

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  10. I’m the same way! I think it has to do with the overall goal of the story, if the goal is falling in love then there’s not as much excitement for myself but if the goal is defeating some crazy villain but they find love on the way I find myself totally enchanted. Sometimes I feel authors add romance into a book that really doesn’t need it or adds a love triangle that’s not necessary. For example, let’s be real team Edward and team Jacob was never really a thing, when Bella was obviously never leaving Edward in the first place. I actually nominated you for the sunshine Blogger award over on my site because your blog is very captivating! I hope that’s okay!

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    1. Oh thank you so much! ❤
      And I love how you worded that! Of course, it's nice to fall in love, but it shouldn't be the only/ultimate goal – it just sounds like you NEED someone to be happy, which isn't the case. And let's be honest, reading about someone getting into a crazy world destroying battle with a villain is much more interesting than reading about one person liking another 😆

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  11. I strongly believe that romance shouldn’t be shown as frequently in YA. Unfortunately, the majority would probably not buy a book if it didn’t have any romance in it. I find that annoying because a lot of the romance in YA is pretty terrible and some people who write terrible romance stories are married. Yeah ._.

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    1. In YA it especially shouldn’t be so common I think. People of the same age range as the main characters don’t often find their “true love” that young, and most aren’t even in relationships. Yet most YA books have a romance somewhere that is so strong, they’d literally sacrifice themselves for it. It’s a tad dramatic in comparison to what it’s really like :/


  12. I don’t really like romance in books too! I mean if it’s contemporary then yeah, it’s fine. I totally expect it. But when I’m reading fantasy, I prefer to read more action and scheming and banter rather than couples describing kissing sensation. I read fantasy not contemporary omg. And yeah, I do agree with your point that obsessing with one person is not healthy. ESPECIALLY in fantasy where there are a lot more things at stake (tyranical goverment? uprising? starvation? apocalypse???) and yet our characters usually don’t care about all of that and care most about their significant other. That’s just really really annoying to me. I would be okay with romance in fantasy, if it’s not the main focus of the story 😀

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    1. Well it IS that extra something to read about ahaha. Sometimes the world problems can be a bit too much and you just need to read about something else in the story 😀


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