The new fandom merchandise store you all need to know about (I mean just look at how suave the bear looks. Come on. How can you not?)


There’s online stores for fandom merchandise EVERYWHERE. We bookworms have an awful habit of spending our money on anything book related, made all the more easier by the internet.

So what am I going to do? Am I going to tell you not to? Am I going to scold everyone for their reckless spending?


I’m going to show you this new store (because you absolutely need to see these designs) and tell you to #TREATYOSELF ! Yes I did really just say that but shhh roll with me

So the best way to showcase the wonders of this store? Well, by interviewing the owner of the store of course!

YES I might sound bias in my wording. But I can’t help it, I love the store…so much so that I became one of the first cubs (reps)! At the end of the interview, there’s a little discount code for you all to use, which will give you 10% off your order 😀


I always feel weird talking about myself so this will probably be the most dull answer. But I’m Molly! I’m a blogger at Molly’s Book Nook & now owner of Blu Bear Bazaar (duh). I’m married & have 2 dogs. I live in Southern California where it doesn’t rain nearly enough. And I love reading, movies, tv, and video games.


Two factors went into this.

1. I’m a housewife so I don’t work but I wanted to do something with my time that could also potentially bring income.

2. I do all the designing for my blog and was slowly starting to get into it. So I started making bookish designs for fun. Then I realized “hey, I can try to sell these” and BAM. Store. Because there’s never enough bookish merch out there.


Sort of. For the theme, it started out as me just wanting a more woodsy/rustic look. My blog is so bright and girly, I wanted something the complete opposite for the shop. The bear came later when I finally came up with a name. Well, my husband actually gets 100% credit for the name. And Blu sort of just became the mascot. I’m actually going to write a whole blog about this on the shop, so more info on that later.



For people who don’t know my shop yet, I sell apparel, mugs, totes, pillows and more with book quotes, and other bookish inspired designs. I’ll also be bringing more movie & tv fandoms in as well. Lastly, I’m committed to giving some lesser known books love, like Vengeance Road and Wolf By Wolf.

As for how I chose the products, I go through a third party supplier. So I have to put my designs on products they offer. I know people like mugs totes etc based on Instagram photos. So it was just an obvious decision. I’m hoping to bring more options as I go.


I have a few that aren’t out yet that I love but of what’s available, I like the Wolf By Wolf design with the girl & wolf. I also like the Vengeance Road design. I was just proud of myself for those ones. I felt like they looked like designs you can actually buy in stores. More subtle, but still trendy.

wolf-by-wolf-design  vengeance-road


Oh yeah. The Vassa In The Night giveaway wasn’t even a planned one. So I do have plenty of other promotions coming up. Things for Black Friday, holidays, etc. I’ll be holding some sort of promotion pretty often even past the holidays as well. Trying to keep you guys on your toes!


oooohhh, I don’t want to give everything away so I’ll share a few specifics and hint at a few others. I’ll be releasing designs for Excalibur (movie) and Lady Midnight. A few hints: I’ll be coming out with designs for Marvel, video games, and Disney soon!


I guess I would add that what is important to me for Blu Bear Bazaar is obviously that people like the designs but that it stands out from other shops. That’s why I want to bring in fandoms that don’t usually receive a whole lot of love. (So if anyone ever has a suggestion, let me know! I’ve not read every book, so it’s a big help to know what other people are looking for).

Also, it was important to me to have a responsible store and that’s why I aim to have all my products made in the United States. I hope that is something people appreciate as well. Lastly, thank you to everyone who has shown support thus far. It was honestly such a surprise, but it’s been incredibly encouraging. I can’t wait to share more designs with everyone! 😀

Thank you so much Molly for joining me for an interview!

Click here to see: The Website | Twitter | Instagram | Molly’s Blog

And if you fancy treating yourself to something from the store (which you totally should), then use the discount code CUBASHLEIGH10 to get 10% off your order!

Since I’m a rep for the store, I also have a little unboxing video planned for my YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for that!

Please do let me know if you’ve bought anything from the store or plan to! I’d love to see what you guys buy!

And until next time…


Come and visit me!

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