Let’s Talk: The stages of our reading lives – your reading story


This week’s discussion is more of a storytime one. I want us all to share our stories of how we got into reading.

It’s without a doubt that to everyone here, reading is a huge part of our lives. But how did we get to this stage? How did we get so thoroughly entwined in the pages of books, that we’ve joined the book community rather than just move on?

What’s your reading story?


Honestly, I’ve always loved reading. There’s never been a moment in my life where I’ve not had a book nearby. Ever since I could read, I have. I still have some of the children’s books I loved most.

But it wasn’t as life consuming as it is to me now. I remember being excited about books in school. I loved the “dress up as a book character” sort of days (in which I ALWAYS went as Hermione because people said I looked like her), and whenever the reading groups got a new order of books in, I’d be straight there scouring through them all. I remember there being a book sale, in which I found a copy of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and was thrilled for the rest of the day. I remember thinking to myself “I should do my homework so that I can be like Hermione” – honestly most of my good grades in school were based on trying to be like Hermione.

Going up to secondary school, I remember being excited about assigned books for class (which I still get excited about). I remember us being set a homework task where we had to read 5 chapters of a book and summarise what happened – while the rest of the class groaned, I was giddily thinking of what book to choose (I went with Twilight).

All of these memories are so fond to me. And there’s so many more, but I figured I’ve rambled enough for this section. My point is, it’s always been a thing in my life, something I hold dearly.


Thinking back, I have no idea when the actual collecting kicked in. Where books became life-consuming.  I mean, look at this –


I put this photo on Facebook in 2012 with a caption saying “my bookshelves are full”.

AHAHAH oh past Ashleigh, if only you knew…

Now I have over 300 books. There’s one of these shelves currently in use, with another 2 full wall length bookcases. I’d say I started collecting them in the year after this photo, so 2013. Now, considering that’s only 3 years ago, you can see that my collecting has spiralled.

And the cause? Like I said, I find it hard to pinpoint…but it hasn’t escaped my notice that I joined Twitter in the same year this photo was took. Originally, my twitter was a Harry Potter fan account, so it was 2013 where I actually ditched that and discovered the book community instead. Again – this being the year I started collecting more and more.

I always watched booktube, and soon instagram was joined on my social media list. So I do think a lot of the cause was just the fact that I saw more people talking about books on social media, introducing me to more reads.


And then we get to the “now” phase.

Like I said in the last section, I always watched Booktube. I’ve absolutely loved watching booktube for years now. And I wanted to be a booktuber myself. I’d imagine myself standing in front of a camera, talking about the things I love so much. But I don’t get along with technology all that much, and had no idea where to start. And so I kept imagining.

Then we get to last year, where I discovered WordPress through college (we have to keep our work updated on a blog for my course). I saw you could make more than one site under one account…and soon after, A Frolic Through Fiction was created. Now it’s become a sort of brand name for me, with all my social media – apart from facebook – relating to this blog, and people recognising me as A Frolic Through Fiction.

And yet the phase isn’t done. Because we get to last month…where after years of imagining, I kick started my booktube channelAnd I couldn’t be more thrilled with how far this has all come.

So those are my stages. I went from loving reading, to it being pretty much the biggest part of my life. I read books. I blog about books. I make videos about books. I take photos of books. I talk to friends about books. Literally everything. I’m even hoping to have a job in Publishing when I’m older.

And that, my lovely friends, is my reading life so far. 

So now it’s your turn!

When did you first get into reading? Tell me your story!

Do you have any fond memories related to reading?

Has your love for reading grown at all? 

Join the discussion in the comments!

Until next time…


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24 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: The stages of our reading lives – your reading story

  1. This is such a great post! I always dressed up as Hermione too, but now I’m more likely to dress up as a Slytherin (I have the robe and everything!).

    I first really started reading with Harry Potter back in 2000. I can’t really remember if I read much before it, but I must have because I borrowed my teachers copies of Harry Potter and I don’t think she would have let me if I wasn’t a keen reader.

    But I didn’t really start collecting lots of books until I started high school and started gaining my own money either via pocket money or my paper round. And now I’m swamped by books!

    Lauren @ My Expanding Bookshelf

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    1. Thank you!
      I’m more likely to dress as a Slytherin now too #housepride ahaha 😆
      I think the introduction of pocket money spurred on my book buying obsession too – it’s a lot easier when you have money to spare!


  2. Ohhh I love reading people story of how they fall in love with reading! I have something similar on my blog, but it’s a 3-part-series of my reading journey 😀

    Just like you, I couldn’t remember the exact moment I fell in love with reading. As long as I could remember, books and I have always been inseparable. And it’s a good thing your role model was Hermione because she’s smart and a good girl! 😛 and yes, my collections of book have skyrocketed so much hahaha and I’m so glad I started blogging, this has been so fun ❤

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  3. I’ve always loved reading ever since I could read! And before I could read, my mom used to read to me every night. I went through a short period in high school where I didn’t read AS MUCH, but still very much enjoyed it. I am a young mother so haven’t really had time to start a blog, but always wanted to. Now that my son is 8, and I have a “little” more time to myself (because he’s off playing video games lol), I finally decided it was time to start a book blog. And here I am! As far as Booktube, that’s something I’d really love to do in the future. I’m very camera shy though, so not sure how that would turn out. Thanks for this wonderful discussion post!! I think it’s so cute that you dressed up as Hermione for school. My school never had a character dress up day… and for Halloween I was always the regular stuff, ya know, like a vampire, a dragon, a pumpkin, etc. Lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you managed to finally find time for a blog!
      Weirdly enough, I used to be ridiculously camera shy, yet I seem to be fine now 😆
      The UK is big on celebrating National Book Day, so those were the days I’d dress up as Hermione for school!

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      1. Thank you! And National Book Day sounds awesome! I have never heard of that celebration before now. I’ll have to Google it and see when the date is so my son and I can start celebrating it!! Lol ☺️

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  4. I’ve always loved reading! My mom is an avid book reader and we would bond just by snuggling up on the couch and reading our books together. I think the first book I really loved was A Wrinkle in Time. I had the whole box set, it was my first glimpse into the fantasy genre, and the story really let me see all that books had to offer. It also sparked my love of writing, and I had little fantasy stories jotted down in notebooks. Reading and writing is a huge part of who I am and book blogging is such a great outlet for that. (Also, I never dressed up as a Harry Potter character, but I did dress up as J.K. Rowling in middle school.) Great post idea!!

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  5. I started reading at a young age as well. From the Bible (yeah, that isn’t so appropriate for kids…) to Biff and Chip and Spot the Zebra books (do they have Biff and Chip books in England?). I always read the books fairly quickly because they were rather short and I just liked reading.

    One day, when I was nine, my class went on a trip to the library and that’s when I became a member.

    However, I hated writing summaries on chapters back then! I just wanted to read the gosh darn book.

    I started collecting books because of World book day and the book day fairs that came to my Primary school. Those days were like Heaven to me. I didn’t buy many books, though (one per year).

    As a entered my teenage years, I gradually spent money on books.

    Soon, I was desperate to buy books but didn’t have the money so I looked up ways to get books for free from publishers (about last year). I wanted to join the Guardian’s children’s website but it got closed down so I decided to bring back my old blog. I wanted to get arcs but I ended up just blogging for the fun of it. Of course, I still want arcs but I have a bunch of books from the library that I need to review first.

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    1. I’ve not heard of Biff and Chip books, though that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have them – I just can’t remember!
      I’m pretty sure I’d hate summarising chapters more now than when I was younger because I’m aware of how bad I am at explaining things ahaha 😆

      I’m not actually part of a library, but I’ve always had books at hand even when I didn’t have money for them. I used to raid my mum’s collection or borrow from friends. I blog purely for the fun of it, not to get free books or anything – though it’s definitely a perk!


  6. I read when I was younger because I was alone and nerdy. I loved the escapism of reading.
    I still love reading but went on a hiatus when I was on drugs. Now I’m clean (eight years now), and it took me five of those years just to get back into reading again…when you don’t read for awhile it is hard to redevelop your attention span. I think reading is exercise for the brain…you have to keep “working it out” or else you get out of practice.

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    1. That’s true. I’m glad you’re okayy now. Reading is definitely like an exercise – I think that’s why it can be so hard for people to get into it, and why there needs to be so much encouragement to pick up the hobby. Totally worth it when you get into the habit though!

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