Finding more about the past and future of our beloved squad in…Stars Above by Marissa Meyer



Seriously though. I only needed to read this book to finish the Lunar Chronicles series. It took me months, but finally FINALLY I’M DONE.

Which is funny really, considering this was one of my top priorities/anticipates releases and yet when I got it…nope. But here we are today.

Since this is a novella bind-up, the review will be slightly different. I’ll give a rating for each individual novella with a couple of sentences, then at the end give an overall summary and rating. 


Let’s talk about Stars Above!

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Title: Stars Above

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Series Status: A novella bind-up companion to The Lunar Chronicles, to be read after Winter

Genre: Young Adult, SciFi, Fairytale Retelling

Number of Pages:  369



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The universe of the Lunar Chronicles hold stories – and secrets – that are wondrous, vicious, and romantic. How did Cinder first arrive in New Beijing? How did brooding soldier Wolf transform from young man to killer? When did Princess Winter and her palace guard Jacin realise their destinies?

Nine stories – five of which have never been published before.


The Keeper: 3.5/5 stars

This one was a great story to start with, with it being a prequel story to the first book, Cinder. It was nice to see how the entire plot came into motion, even years before the actual series began. Though the majority of the characters weren’t too well known – causing a slight bit of disconnection – it was interesting to know that tiny bit more about Cinder’s past and how she handled it.

Glitches: 4/5 stars

My heart really went out for Cinder in this one. You can’t really help it. It’s definitely one of the sadder stories from the bunch, but it’s an important one. Definitely worth being in the lot ❤

The Queen’s Army: 3/5 stars

A decent story. The only reason it has a slightly lower rating is because I’m just not as interested in the Queen’s Army/wolf-human hybrid thing. Wolf never was a favourite of mine (though I do still like him).

Carswell’s Guide To Being Lucky: 3.5/5 stars

Again, a good story. It just didn’t really feel relevant? I’m pretty sure this didn’t have anything to do with the series other than Carswell being in it. This is definitely one that’s just here to provide a bit more background for fans of Thorne.

After Sunshine Passes By: 4.5/5 stars

First of all – I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THAT TITLE. There’s something very melodic about it (probably because it’s from a lullaby – duh Ashleigh). There was no doubt this would be one of my favourites, because it’s a novella about Cress (my fave). For me, this was the most heartbreaking little story I could’ve read – but again, that’s probably because Cress in my favourite.

The Princess And The Guard: 4.5/5 stars

Even though by the end of the series, you know the majority of what happens in this novella, it really made me appreciate Winter and her determination more. Also, I’d forgotten little details about her story and this was a nice (though I don’t think “nice” is the right word?) reminder.

The Little Android: 3.5 stars

I have to admit I was a little disappointed with this one, purely because I didn’t get the point of it. I liked the fact of it being a Little Mermaid retelling, because that really showed through. But it didn’t really relate to the series at all other than it was set in the same world. It wasn’t a bad story, I just wasn’t connected to the characters at all and kept waiting to see some reappearance of the story I know and love.

The Mechanic: 3/5 stars

Again, slightly disappointed with this one. This time because it wasn’t really needed. The scene you see in this novella is one you already see right in the beginning of the series…so it was just the same story. Sure, it was from the other character’s point of view, but I’m pretty sure you find out his view of that moment somewhere in the series anyway, because I just felt like I’d read it before.

Something Old, Something New: 4.5/5 stars

Without a doubt my favourite novella. This one is set after the entire series, and you get a little glimpse of the after-effects of it all. Plus, there’s a wedding. EEEEEKKKKKK. It was such a lovely little story, almost feeling nostalgic to see all the characters together again and how they act around each other.


So overall, this was a really nice collection of stories. I think it’s definitely worth buying if you’re a fan of the series, because you do get to see little snippets of the character’s lives before and even after the series takes place. You also get to see more of the relationships in this world, and how greatly prejudiced the majority of it is. Little reminders of how well built this series is are dotted throughout, and it really did feel nostalgic to visit the world and characters again.

Rated 4/5 stars




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