Let’s Talk: Our favourite types of romances and everything they entail

favourite romances

For some unknown reason that really quite baffles me, romances are found in pretty much every single book. If you find one that doesn’t contain a romance, then shout it to the heavens because that’s a rare occurrence.

While we might not find it realistic for every story to have a romance, the majority of us can’t help but love them.

But what’s your favourite type of romance?

Type? What do you mean, type?

Well, you can usually split romances into categories. Not all the time, but usually.

There’s the insta-love.

The type where two people see each other, have known each other for approximately one hour, and claim each other as soul mates. Otherwise known as: the Romeo and Juliet.

There’s the slow-burn.

i.e. the exact opposite of the one above. The type where two people take an entire book – or even an entire series – to actually admit they love each other and do something about it. Usually deemed as the most realistic.

There’s the hate-to-love.

The type where the two characters can’t stand each other in the beginning. They hate each other, but ever so gradually that hate turns into tension and…the rest ensues.

There’s the forbidden love.

The type that’s…you know…forbidden. This could also be known as the Romeo and Juliet type. (ahh, I knew there was a reason I didn’t like that story)

And there’s probably a bunch of other “types” that I can’t name right now. But you get the gist.

So…our favourites?

I do love a good slow burn sort of romance. OR especially the sort where it’s not the main focus of a book. You know, like when you read a fantasy and there’s this huge magical problem that needs to be dealt with, but there’s a romance just sort of happening to the side. Just enough for me to be hooked on them, but not too much for it to be overwhelming and cringey.

But ultimately, I have to admit that my favourite type is the hate-to-love type. When I take a look at some of my favourite series, the main couple or “ship” seem to hate each other when they first meet. I can’t even explain why I fall for this type so much, it just goes from one extreme to the other. But every time I’ve read it, it’s been written so well that I just fall for it every time.

So what’s your favourite type of romance?

Any examples to give? (unless it includes spoilers, of course)

Can you think of any other types?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

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23 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Our favourite types of romances and everything they entail

  1. My least favorite is the Insta-hate-to-love. That’s the worst! In the book I’m reading now, he hates her for like two chapters (it seems) and then he’s madly in love with her. And he doesn’t even know her. Ugh.

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      1. Yes! It’s so annoying! This guy I’m reading about seemed like he hated this chick, but he has loved her since he saved her from drowning. Really? You love her? But you treated her like dirt. Now she’s the only woman for you even though she keeps pushing you away? Is it like, “I want what I can’t have?” Wtf? 🙄

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  2. I’m a fan of the hate-to-love romance, too, like Elide and Lorcan in Empire of Storms. Something about it just sucks me right in

    But I also likethe slow burn, like Elias and Laia in Ember in the Ashes

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  3. My favorite romance is probably a tie between slow burn and second chance. For fantasy it’s almost always slow burn because I love when a romance is built and developed in fantasy. And then with contemporaries I love it when two characters meet back up after years and then realize they still have feelings for each other. I also don’t mind forbidden romances. Funny enough my example for forbidden and slow burn is Paige and Warden from The Bone Season. 😂🙈 Great post!! 😊

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  4. I am very similar to you with my romance tastes in books. I appreciate a good romantic relationship when it is not the main focus of the book. Every once in a while I will read a book where the romance is the primary focus, but it’s not too often. I like the slow-burn romances, typically the ones that start out as friendships, then bloom into something deeper.

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  5. The best-friends-to-lovers is my favorite too! I guess, like Amanda said just above, it’s really a “slow-burn” type, but I tend to think of it as a different one altogether. To me a slow-burn has SOME level of attraction at the very beginning, and the best friends have none and never consider each other that way until much later. Make any sense?

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  6. Friends to lovers is my fave, insta-love is my least fave. I actually really used to like insta-love stories… but now there’s just so much of it, it seems like… and I think I got burnt out on it. Great discussion post!

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