Let’s Talk: Do you wear your blogger status proudly?

blogger status pride

To my lovely readers who don’t actually run their own blog: I sincerely apologise that today’s post might not be something you relate to. But PLEASE, you’re very welcome to read and input if you have anything to say. It’d actually be quite interesting to have an outside view too πŸ™‚ Satisfy our curiosity, dear ones.

As for you fellow bloggers…

Did you shudder then? Does the term “blogger” make you cringe in that my-spine-is-actually-trying-to-bend-backwards way? Or do you jump to the word and shout YES THAT IS IΒ and hope to get it on a pin one day?

Admittedly, I’ve been both. I’ve seen both sides. Or rather, I’ve seen every side. Because situations change and we change as people and it’s just…actually quite complicated.

So let’s talk!


being a blogger

I mean, I’ve been through the notions.

Starting up my blog and for the first few months after, I was…kind of embarrassed, admittedly. I didn’t read blogs beforehand, and all I’d heard of them were from those *ahem* crappy “news” articles online you see every now and again that doesn’t outright show bloggers in a bad way, but always seems to portray them as a teen girl sat in her bedroom writing her heart out about pointless things to a bunch of other teenagers. No one takes them seriously, and so I felt a bit silly throwing myself into that.

And so I was very reluctant to tell people about my project to start a blog. I was sure if people heard of it, they’d sort of just plaster a fake smile on their face while actually thinking “really?”

But we’ll come back to that.

when people find your blog

We bloggers actually tend to be split on this.

Do you tell people you know in real life about your blog?

For me, at first, it was just a friend thing. The couple of friends I have are readers too and so they get how I can talk about books every day of the week. Other people…not so much.

While I didn’t hide the fact that I run a blog, I wouldn’t originally shout it from the rooftops either. Over time, people do generally know that this blog exists. Mainly through college. My final project – which is currently in progress – is to create a website & content relating to one subject. Surprise surprise, I chose to write about books and publishing.

First came the tutor asking how I can possibly write multiple articles about books. How could I possibly make videos about them? And what would I do for photographs? Within one lesson, I had to let my tutor (and no doubt the classmates surrounding who overheard) know about not only my blog, but my youtube and bookstagram too. I had to clue them into the online book community.

Then came the tech tutor, who was quite baffled by the fact that I knew what sort of design my website would have, despite there being a limited amount of websites dedicated to books to gain inspiration from. Once again, I had to show this tutor my blog, just to prove that I do in fact know what I’m doing.

They seem to have a real problem with just believing me, right?

But the point is, it’s not exactly a hidden fact that I run a blog and booktube channel. In fact, I’ve had multiple people from school message me to say they read/watch my content, which blows my mind because I was far from popular. How do people find out?

Well like I said, I don’t hide it. Within seconds, you could find my blog, booktube, twitter, instagram, goodreads and probably more. Everything’s linked.

Why am I telling this story? I know, it’s long-winded. BUT this was the point I realised that I don’t actually care anymore if people know about my blog or not. I’m proud of this little network I’ve built.

And the point from earlier? The one I was coming back to?

Yes, I am everything those crappy news articles say. I am a 19 year old girl, sat in my bedroom, typing away at my laptop about my love for books. Fangirling.

But…how is that a bad thing? I am EXACTLY that, and yet I manage to talk to people all over the world. From my bedroom, I can encourage people to read books and create art. This little teenager, who has a silly little hobby, has brought a community of readers together, getting more people to chat and love books, has worked with publishers and authors to promote books and ultimately, has turned her lifelong passion for reading into something worthwhile. Of course, I might sound egotistical for saying that, for blowing it up that much. But how could I NOT be proud of that?

So I will shout about it. I will let everyone know this blog exists, my youtube exists, because so what if people judge? I know for a fact that people might find the online book community a bit bizarre, but for those who are part of it – myself included – it’s so important. And I am here for that.

Now it’s your turn!

Do you wear your blogger status proudly?

Do you have a story similar to mine, where your attitude towards it changed over time?Β 

If you don’t tell people about you blog, why? Would the people around you not understand?

Or have you always proudly shown your blog?

Tell your story in the comments!

Until next time…


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62 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Do you wear your blogger status proudly?

  1. Well I have only just started by book review blog so haven’t had a chance to tell everyone I know, but you can be damn sure I will do when I see them. I come from a very supportive family and have an even more supportive Fiance, so have never felt the need to hide anything I do! Even reviewing Romance and Erotica books!

    If I can make something from my blog, I’d be even more proud to tell people. I think we run the fear sometimes of what people will think, but most of the time if they do have something negative to say (which is rare) its probably because they don’t understand what you are actually doing. A quick little convo with them may clear it up and they”ll soon change their mind. If not and they continue to be un-supportive- why are you even bothering with them in the first place!

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    1. That was the case with my tutors! When they asked how I can possibly write so much about books for my project and I was like “well, let me tell you” and pulled up the online book community. It very quickly went from a slightly weirded-out confusion to amazement, just because I’d let them into this whole other side of the internet they never knew about!


  2. I loved reading this! I’m not a book blogger and never have been but when I started reading again last summer I was so glad to come across the book community on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. I feel the community is really going to help me stay connected to my love of reading forever now, whereas before I lost it.

    I remember when I first started in the blogging community and the people I used to look up to were those like Zoella and In The Frow. It was their perfect lives I used to love to see and their photos that portrayed that. Recently my attitude towards blogging has changed because too many people’s lives look the same and ultimately fake. I’m older now and I know what kinds of things I want to see in the blogging community, and the book blogging community is one I can connect to just because I’ve found a community of book lovers who understand my love for reading too!

    Yasmin X

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    1. I know my passion for reading is definitely spurred on by the online book community! And I can see what you mean about blogs appearing to be…a facade of sorts? It’s a lot easier for someone’s life to look perfect when you only see a fancy design and something they typed up. And there ARE some blogs that only show the nice parts of people’s lives, but more often now people use their blogs to be open about their lives, and I think that’s really nice πŸ™‚ If any of that makes sense ahaha!


  3. When I first started blogging I didn’t tell anybody but then I let a few of my reader friends in on it and now I’m really proud that they read my posts. I’ve improved so much since I started and blogging is one of my favourite things to do! Great post😊

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚
      I’ve improved SO MUCH since starting, it actually horrifies me a little when I think that people saw what my blog first looked like πŸ˜† I’m glad you’ve seen an improvement in yours too – it’s definitely something you adapt to as you learn what you like!

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  4. In high school, it’s one thing…in college, it’s completely different (people celebrate all your funky quirks and/or hobbies). I’m proud of my blog bc it’s been so successful. The same can be said about YOURS! Be proud! I’m proud of you!
    Love the new pic, btw. Nice n sassy, just like my Ashleigh!

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  5. The only person in my personal life that knows about my blog is my husband and he is so supportive of whatever I do. I’ve been blogging for less than a year but I haven’t told anyone else in my family or any of my friends. No one I know is into reading like I am. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t told anyone else because I am sure they would all be supportive of me.

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  6. Not many people in my personal life know about my blog. My cousin found out about it this week and I was a little shocked. He’s a writer so it made sense but at the same time I was a little embarrassed. I don’t know why! Reading and blogging is kind of my escape and I like to keep it separate. I know this feeling is irrational but it’s there anyway lol

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    1. I get what you mean ❀ I'm still shocked when someone I know in person brings up my blog or youtube channel, I sort of forget that it's so easy to find and people might actually be interested πŸ˜†

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  7. At first it was just a fun hobby, but then it kind of changed my world. I’m a bit older than you, cough, cough… but reading this post has been exactly my own experience! After awhile you don’t care if your own brother reads your reviews about romance novels. (Mine actually follows my blog which I think is cool), the family is being supportive! If my friends don’t get it, then who cares! I love to read, and I love to write. I often wonder why it took me so long! Lol

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  8. I love this post! I too at first didn’t really talk about my blog with people in real life. Though it wasn’t really that I was embarrassed about having a blog, but more that people would judge me for what I wrote? I dunno if that makes sense haha. Now I’m very proud. Though I don’t exactly bring it up myself since that would feel random, but if blogging came up somehow I would definitely tell people I have a blog. Like you said, we bloggers have accomplished a lot and we should be proud of that πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you!
      Yeah I get what you mean about feeling judged for what you write. I always think people will think I’m being a bit *too* passionate about books. But who cares! πŸ˜† They don’t have to read it. I’m not one to randomly bring it up either, I only mention if it it’s somehow needed in the conversation or if I’m chatting with friends about an idea or something.


  9. I can relate to so much of this! It seems we might have followed the same path starting off. I was very hesitant and shared only with a close few that I had begun my journey as a blogger in the beginning. Now I am open about it and really do not care to share if it comes up. It is just sort of a part of what I do and who I am now. I wish I could admit to being proud, but I am not a hundred percent sure that would be accurate. I take joy in the small accomplishments. Maybe it is just more inner than outward? I do not honestly have many people in my real life that know much about who I am or what I do. It is not something I address or speak open of often for that simple fact. So I guess maybe I have never sat back and fully thought about my accomplishments. I am now though, so thank you πŸ™‚

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  10. Great post, it really spoke to me!
    I wear my blogger status under my hat, and that’s saying that not much people know about my blog. Others might tell you they’ve told their family and friends, but I have to cross off the friends in that. My family knows, and they’re very proud of me.

    But I just feel as if people will think differently of me if I tell them that I have a blog, or they’re just not going to have a good reaction. I don’t want to tell people about my blog and feel like I’m making them read it; I’d rather have them find out my blog and read it because they like it, not because I’m asking them to because they are my friends.
    But your post really got me to talk, great work!!

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    1. Thank you!
      I’m sorry you feel like there’s something holding you back from telling your friends. I understand the thing about not wanting to feel like they’re pressured into reading it – I’m like that a lot too. While I’m proud of this blog, I don’t mention it at every opportunity I get, only when it happens to come up. So that takes the pressure off!

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      1. Your welcome!
        Oh, don’t get me wrong- I am so proud of my blog, it’s made me so happy to see the hard work that I’ve put into this on the Internet for all people to see.
        I might tell them soon, but I’m definitely going to make sure that they don’t feel forced to follow my blog or read it, because they should have a choice in what they read.

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        1. It might be the case where they check it out a few times when you tell them just for the sake of having a look, but they’ll soon figure out whether they’ll keep reading or not, or just check in every so often. That’s how it happened with me!

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  11. I think blogging is just generally a mystery to people who don’t blog. Or to the people who routinely read some type of blog, whether that’s cooking, fashion, lifestyle, etc. But even some of my friends who DO follow, say, baking blogs religiously…don’t understand blogging.

    I definitely think many people envision Livejournal or just generally that we’re all loners just talking about our lives to the void. I don’t mention my blog much to people I know in real life primarily because the ones who do know about it don’t read it and don’t get it. I find that people are absolutely astonished to learn I actually have an audience, and that’s it’s bigger than five people, and that serious work goes into blogging. I think people think of it as a lame hobby that no one cares about and just don’t know that the community of readers and other bloggers is enormous and that people actually read our blog posts.

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    1. Yes I get what you mean! While I’m open about my blog, I don’t think many of the people around me understand everything it entails. Like how my friend will be baffled if I set a day aside just to write a couple of blog posts & take photos etc. When you say you’re a blogger, a lot of people see it as a sort of diary we don’t mind sharing – which I suppose it is in a way, but there’s a point to it. I mean, look as us talking! With blogs, there’s probably no way this could happen, considering geographical differences and likelihood of meeting etc.

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  12. I’m proud of my blog (and my channel, although I’m still pretty new) and although it’s not like I talk about it all the time I do speak about it with my family quite a bit. They read my posts and watch my videos and are overall very supportive of me. I’ve never been ashamed of it but I do know what you mean by feeling like people may judge you.

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    1. Ahh that sounds great! I suppose it’s easier to talk to them about it considering they read/watch too? Whenever I bring it up to anyone, I have to give a sort of backstory about the post before I get to my point so that they’ll understand because they haven’t seen it ahaha πŸ˜†

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  13. Great post! When I first started blogging, I was very hesitant to tell anyone about my blog. I was nervous about it, and worried about what people would think. Now, I’ve gotten better about talking about it with friends and family (I have quite a few that follow and read my blog), and so that gives me the confidence to deal with those people who ask me “why” when they hear I have a blog. Some people aren’t that supportive, but others are, especially those who are into books & reading.

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    1. It’s all just about taste in hobbies I suppose! Some might think there’s no need to be supportive, since it’s a hobby. You don’t really need people supporting you while reading or watching TV, so they don’t see a difference. I’m glad you do have some who ARE supportive though!

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  14. There are only two people who know about my blog. And, to be honest, I don’t want all my other friends and family knowing about it (yet?). It’s not that I’m embarrassed or anything; a part of me just thinks they might judge me for “wasting my time” or something like that and I don’t want that kind of negativity.

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    1. Aw it’s a shame you think they’d see it as a waste of time 😦 If they reacted that way, you could always show them the benefits – like how others come by to chat and reviews help authors etc.

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  15. I’ve never hidden it, but I don’t make a habit of just telling people either. If I get chatting about books i’ll bring it up, because I think it’s important for me, while I still have so few followers, to really be out there and get recognised. I did a tag a while ago where it asked if I was ashamed to tell people I blogged and until that point, I’d never even considered it. I didn’t think anyone would actually be ashamed of something like this until I sat down and thought about it and the first thing that came to mind was a teenage girl, doing everything you’ve already said! But I think if you like something and you’re proud of it, you should say so πŸ™‚

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    1. Yess I’m the same! I don’t show off the fact that this blog exists, but I’m not bothered about mentioning it either. I never really stopped to consider that it might be seen as weird or whatever until I had to tell my tutors about it and they reacted a bit like …. << whatever those dots are as a reaction πŸ˜†

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      1. Telling your teachers about things is always a bit weird hehe but yeah like, no one is going to be like “Hi, I’m so and so and I own a blog” (unless its their job) but if someone asked what i did in my free time I’d be like “blogging”

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  16. I honestly haven’t told anyone other than my siblings. They don’t even check out my blog xD

    I don’t know/talk to many people in real life so I don’t really have much of an opportunity to tell them. However, I’m doing a creative writing course next year so hopefully I can make friends and tell people.

    Hopefully ._.

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  17. Lovely post!! ❀ I don't usually tell people about my blog, my close friends and family know about it, and then some of my other friends and classmates eventually found out but they rarely mention it. And when they do, they don't say anything bad about it …
    Some of my friends are even more excited about it than I am sometimes and tell everyone. One of them once told our English teacher haha

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  18. This is so true to life. And you should absolutely be proud. Reading is such an important tool/passion that people should be encouraged to do, especially when it is so easy now to just binge watch a tv series etc. I started my blog primarily as a way to share ideas about food intolerances and recipes, and to learn from others. That grew into sharing about living with health conditions and dealing with diagnosis etc. And then I started adding in my love of books and started sharing that side of things too, because it has been an important part of my life, especially since I have had bad health. I think sharing a love of books with healthy people and with those who have health issues is important. My book reviews need work, I still need to learn more about website design, I definitely don’t get many views, and I have trouble making regular posts because of health and uni commitments….BUT I enjoy it! And hopefully one or two people read it and get something from it. I do tell me friends and family, and they are very supportive about it. I tend not to tell people I don’t know face to face (though my mum does!! Embarrassing!). I am so glad I recently found your blog and youtube channel. I love your style and the variety of books you share, and it makes me want to keep improving my own. x

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  19. Such an interesting topic Ashleigh! I tend to no advertise my blogging life… it isn’t because I am embarrassed or ashamed, but rather the fact that most people in my real life are not interested in books… Since my blog is all about books and reading, I highly doubt it would appeal to the majority of people in my life. I also don’t want people in my real life to feel obligated to read my blog, especially since I know it won’t interest them. I do share my blog with people who I know are avid readers. Therefore, all of my followers were all strangers to me before they began following my blog. I actually don’t mind this because I’ve met some amazing people πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah I get what you mean! Not everyone is into reading and blogging – even I have friends who like reading but aren’t interested in blogging! Luckily the awkward “obligated to read it” phase didn’t last long


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  21. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I’m fine with sharing with friends and family, but I’m a little reluctant to share with co-workers or acquaintances. Most of my co-workers don’t even read, so I don’t think they would really appreciate what I do, ya know?

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  22. I don’t hide the fact that I have a blog, but I also don’t shout it to all. I have this nagging fear that what if I talk about it a lot and they end up not liking it?

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    1. It can be a hard balance! But I do the same – I only really mention it if the topic arises, which isn’t often at all. I’m honestly surprised if I find out someone I know read a post πŸ˜†

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