In the few minutes it takes

in the few minutes it takes

So…here’s a little something new. Recently, I’ve been yearning to write. Which never happens. Because I’m rubbish at creating stories.

BUT I absolutely adore writing characters and describing little scenes/settings. And I thought…well why not do that? I don’t have to write a book. Or poetry. I can just write a little something.

I am by no means a writer. Very little editing went into this, but I thought I’d share anyway. Try not to judge too harshly. And so here we have…

In The Few Minutes It Takes


In the darkened woodland, silence descends. An expectant wait. Waiting for what?

A woman – a sorceress, a Queen – steps into a small clearing. A single branch snaps underfoot. She does not flinch. She belongs to the woodland. The woodland belongs to her.

Entirely at home, and yet a bold statement against it. The trees welcome her, reach towards her. Branches snap and tangle in a mass of white hair. Dirt stains the hem of her milk dress.

In the middle of the clearing, she cocks her head.

Whistles once.


A dove settles on her shoulder, a stark contrast against her brown skin. It pecks her ear in welcome, and hops onto her outstretched hand. Poised, the bird call comes, filling the air with a high echo spanning miles.

A small pause…and the woods become a flurry of birds. Every bird for miles around waiting for her signal.

Slowly, elegantly, the woman lifts one hand, following the trunk of a tree and spreading her fingers to the sky. With the stretch of her fingers comes the growth of leaves. The birds watch silently, before taking flight. They cover the woods, shaking their feathers to scatter glowing seeds along the woodland floor.

Every drop brings a new flower blooming. And still, the woman works. Turning in slow careful circles, her arms weave through the air, gently encouraging each tree to flourish. A point of her finger welcomes new leaves, moss, berries.

And in the few minutes it takes, the world is transformed.

Gone are the dark woods, still shivering from Winter.

Gone is the eerie silence of hidden wildlife.

The birds return to their nests.

The woods are full of life.

Springs blooms.

The sorceress Queen smiles.

sorceress queen


All photos in the aesthetics above found on Pinterest

My character painting:

sorceress queen

Share your thoughts!

Please don’t judge too harshly, like I said I don’t often write of my own accord πŸ˜†

But I hope you liked it!Β 

Let me know if you’d like to see more like this!

Until next time…


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