The Last Beginning by Lauren James | You think the main character would know

The Last Beginning

Another series ticked off the list! *confetti cannon explodes*

Yes, I AM going to make it a big deal every single time I finish a series. It’s a rare occasion. BE PROUD OF ME.


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The Last Beginning


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Sixteen years ago, after a scandal that rocked the world, teenagers Katherine and Matthew vanished without a trace. Now Clove Sutcliffe is determined to find her long lost relatives. But where do you start looking for a couple who seem to have been reincarnated at every key moment in history? Who were Kate and Matt? Why were they born again and again? And who is the mysterious Ella, who keeps appearing at every turn in Clove’s investigation?

For Clove, there is a mystery to solve in the past and a love to find in the future.


Here’s how you can tell that this year, I’ve gotten harsher with my ratings: I enjoyed this book more than the first, and yet it has a slightly lower rating. Wut?

Never fear though, I do mean only slightly.

And for once – are you ready for this shocker –  I know the exact reason why I liked it more.

*The crowd gasps in surprise*

I know right? It’s practically unheard of. Me, actually being able to explain what I like about a book? What is this sorcery?

So here it is: The first book is about reincarnation and two people finding each other in each generation and falling hopelessly in love all over again. As someone who often cringes away from lovey-dovey scenarios, there were just some moments in that book where I shuddered with my shrivelled heart and longed for the drama to come back. HOWEVER. This one is time travel, and of course that changes everything. For one, there’s much less romance anyway (though still some, I’ll come back to that). And for two, there was none of that “we’re destined to be together! I was put on this earth to find you again!” drivel.

Gosh, I don’t half sound morbid. I don’t actually mind romances most of the time – and even liked it in The Next Together. But as soon as it’s the main focus of a story – unless I specifically look for that, on the random days I want a cutesy summer type story to speed through –  it’s just too much for me.

So there’s less romance, but still some. And the “some” that there is, is great. Mainly because I adored the love interest. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I’ll say no more than it’s a F/F relationship. But the love interest I just wanted to see more of. I loved her. Granted, I’m still a tad confused about how she came into the story, but I just want to see more of her confident elusiveness.

Romances aside, this book is very sciencey. Sometimes I got a tad bored of all the explanations, but luckily they didn’t drag on too much. I honestly applaud Lauren James for being able to work a plot with time travel and so many different versions of people. Just hopping around time and space, no big deal.

I did have a problem with the actual plot. I can’t say much, but the main “problem” stems from a mistake the main character made…which should totally NOT have happened. Even I know not to do that, Clove, and you live in the bloomin’ future and actually CARE about all the sciencey stuff, whereas I’m not bothered. Dammit Clove! *facepalms*

While I did enjoy the book quite a lot, I wasn’t exactly blown away either. Mainly because all of the missing links and explanations seem to be revealed in one big chunk, so I just read through it all and thought “oh okayy that makes sense I guess” , instead of trying to move onto the next issue and figure it out.

Still, I sped through this book. I’m pretty sure it only took me a couple of days to read. I loved how it took the first book and changed it into something completely new, but plausible. And it was a very satisfying end to the duology, I must say.

Rated 3/5 stars

3 stars

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4 thoughts on “The Last Beginning by Lauren James | You think the main character would know

    1. Same, 3 stars are my most popular rating so far this year!
      And the first book is about 2 people who are reincarnated and in every life they find each other again, but there’s also a scientific mystery of some sort going on that they have to piece together!


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