October Favourites | Arthurian legends, dandelions and vanilla pumpkins

october favourites

I’ve been eagerly anticipating my write-up of this post for a few weeks now, because the second October started, I seemed to find a whole load of things to love in everyday life. Maybe the general autumn atmosphere caught me – people tend to appreciate the small things when the world naturally takes on a warmer hue, right? Either way, I’ve been longing to babble about these things somewhere for a small while now, and so here we are!


bookish favourites (1)

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by (author unknown), translated by Simon Armitage

I expected to enjoy this book, but not to this level. It’s not even because the story is particularly entertaining, or the translation easy to follow – though those things are a factor. But this book begins in King Arthur’s court…and that was enough. Thanks to my eight year old self (I think I was that age, at least), anything to do with King Arthur holds a huge nostalgic feeling for me, after spending so many evenings watching Merlin. Granted, I never kept up with the series and actually have no idea how things turned out – it was really early in the show when I watched – but just that overriding atmosphere my brain associates with Arthurian legends/stories proved to be enough for this book to win me over entirely.

gawain & poetry

random favourites

Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter & Camomile Cleansing Balm – Body Shop

This stuff…oh my goodness. I just adore it. The very second I picked this up to smell in store I just thought “yep, this is now mine.” My favourite scent in general is vanilla, so this was sure to be a hit with me from the start. Every single time I smother myself in this after the shower I get the most comforting feeling, and it actually brings me so much joy to walk around smelling like a bakery.

I don’t know how long these are in stock for (I think they’re limited edition for Halloween, but they have weirdly christmassy packaging?), but I definitely need to buy another pot soon just to be sure I have enough to last me awhile!

As for the cleansing balm, I decided to try this one after having a dilemma with my makeup – the sheer fact that I couldn’t for the life of me get all of my mascara off at night. I used to use micellar water, but the cotton pads would make my eyes sore. Makeup wipes were futile. Other cleansers would make my eyes sting. But lo and behold, here is my saviour. I genuinely love using this stuff – it’s so satisfying to see your makeup melt off your face. It takes just a moment to remove all makeup and doesn’t leave my eyes stinging at all, so I know I’ll for sure be purchasing this repeatedly from now on!



There’s not really much to say about this one other than I’ve fallen back into my love for adorning my fingers with multiple small rings at once. I kept noticing when people do the same thing, and wondered to myself why I ever stopped wearing them (sheer laziness, that’s why).  I’m not usually one for wearing much jewelry, but I’ve always loved how rings look and think they compliment outfits so nicely. Also – I have to admit – I especially love how they look in instagram photos 😆



Ruth B – Dandelion

A fair few weeks ago, I accidentally stumbled across the small fact that my all time favourite singer hAD RELEASED A NEW ALBUM.

Ruth B has been a favourite of mine for a looooong time now. So having an entire new album from her honestly feels like a blessing in my life. I’ve been listening to all of the songs on repeat and there honestly isn’t a single one I don’t like, as is often the case with albums. But at the moment, Dandelion has been the one I find myself singing and choosing out over the rest!

Beige lipstick and copper/rose gold eyeshadow under eye

Most days I don’t wear that much makeup, but on those few days where I fancy adding a li’l something more, I’ve generally found myself reaching for a coppery-rose gold eyeshadow under my eyes and my absolute favourite lipstick. It’s still pretty subtle, but I adore the warmer tones and it matches autumn’s aesthetic quite nicely (y’know, if your inclined to that sort of thing).


Eyeshadow – Maybelline Colour Sensational eyeshadow in the shade “Nude Glow”

Lipstick – Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick in the shade “Trendsetter”


So those are my October favourites!

I’d love to know what your favourites have been lately! I find it so lovely to see people talk about things they love, so please do come have a li’l babble in the comments!

But for now, until next time…


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12 thoughts on “October Favourites | Arthurian legends, dandelions and vanilla pumpkins

  1. You need to watch Merlin again! The ending is fantastic! Sir Gwain and the Green Knight is something I covered at uni but I bought the wrong edition so I kind of didn’t pay attention in the lecture as I wasn’t going to do an assignment on it haha. But it is something I think I would enjoy (if I get the correct edition).

    Looking good with the Autumn aesthetic 🙂

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  2. I love Sir Gawain and the Green Knight! And I may own way too many copies…. Personally I really like Tolkien’s translation, but the Marie Boroff one seems to be “in” with academics right now. I TA’ed a course for a professor who assigned the Armitage translation accidentally apparently, then flipped out because he hates it, and demanded everyone get a different copy instead. :p

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    1. I might try Tolkien’s version someday! It’s so odd to see how varied everyone’s opinions of the translations are! The person who gave us our lecture on Sir Gawain hated the Armitage translation, but then our seminar tutor loved it because apparently it’s the closest to the original ahahaha 😆


      1. I’ve actually seen a lot of scholars who like Tolkien’s translation, in part because he prioritizes the alliteration and form. But I guess some people think it’s too old-timey or something. I was told to use the Boroff one for my graduate work. :p

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        1. I’m really intrigued to see if there’s a huge difference between Tolkien and Armitage now though, because Armitage kept the alliteration and form too 😆 It’s so fascinating ahaha


  3. Hi kids.

    I have a series of whimsical, steampunk adventures. One of them is a parody of Mark Twain’s ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’., which is a parody of ‘Morte d’Arthur’. Ashleigh has graciously granted permission for me to post a link here.

    Thanks Ashleigh, and Happy Reading, everybody.
    ~Icky. 🙂

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