2018 Reading Year In Review

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We’re at the end of 2018 eh? Well, no, we’re actually thoroughly in 2019 now and I’m late. But this is where most people would say “how it’s flown by!” but honestly? This year has d r a g g e d. But in the midst of many changes in my life throughout the year, I managed to sneak some reading in. So how did my 2018 reading go?

2018 Goodreads Challenge - 73/50 books read

Books Read: 73

Pages Read: Approx 20,000+

Average Rating: 3 stars – which is a damn shame

University Reads: 23

Gender of Authors: 36 Female, 37 Male. This would likely have been majority female if I didn’t have university reads to contend with.

Diverse Reads (both authors and book characters): 18, which is shockingly poor. Again my uni reads tend to be a factor against this, but that still leaves 50 books I could’ve made more diverse. I don’t typically look into the authors of the books I read so this has gone unnoticed, but in 2019 I’m definitely going to focus more on making my own choices more diverse.

2018 Releases: 18

Most Read Genre: Classics because uni, Fantasy of my own choice

Least Read Genre: Crime

Fiction: 62

Nonfiction: 11

Favourite Book of the Year: The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty

Least Favourite Book of the Year: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Most Read Format: Paperback, always

And so in a nutshell, that was my 2018 reading year in review! 2018 was a bit of a meh year of reading for me. I didn’t get along with my uni reads, my average rating was 3 stars and as I now know, there was very little diversity which quite frankly I’m ashamed of. So here’s to hoping 2019 is a better reading year, eh?

Let me know what your favourite book of 2018 was or if you have any recommendations for diverse reads!

If you’re interested, I have a whole host of end/beginning of year videos on my channel this month, including…

Worst & Most Disappointing Reads of 2018

Favourite Reads of 2018 – coming on Monday

Reading and Booktube Goals for 2019

2019 Anticipated Releases

2019 Bullet Journal Set Up

Hope you all have the most wonderful 2019!

Until next time,

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9 thoughts on “2018 Reading Year In Review

  1. It sounds like you still managed to fit a lot of reading in, despite this year dragging – well done! Since I started blogging I have begun paying more attention to the author behind the book as, when I was younger I just read whatever my library had. Good luck in making your reading more diverse in 2019. I think it’s a goal we could all aspire to!

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