Stratford-Upon-Avon // Visiting Ol’ Shakespeare


Though not being the most prolific reader of Shakespeare, I couldn’t resist a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon when offered. As always, my love for literature and history found themselves closely tied, and walking around what used to be a medieval market town fascinated me to no end.

The town itself is stunning, full of beamed buildings for even the most standard shops, something I was glad to see because lord, how I hate modern buildings in comparison. Quaint, cobblestoned streets bustling with people going about their day to day lives, we probably couldn’t help looking like the tourist types the locals are no doubt used to by now.

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Favourite university reads | What a mix of eras


“Canonical writing is born of an originality fused with tradition.”

– Harold Bloom

At long last – but seemingly all too soon – I’ve reached the end of my first year at university. A long summer awaits, and so it’s time to bid farewell to the reading list of first year and anticipate the list for next year. But before doing so, the favourites of the bunch await their highlight.

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Haworth ~ Bronte Country

I’ve wanted to visit the Bronte Parsonage for years. Though I’ve read a pitiful amount from the infamous Bronte sisters so far, the history and literature lovers inside me bound together and willed me go. And so after all those years of waiting, I went.


‘…when the setting sun shone on it and the topmost heights, and the whole extent of landscape besides lay in shadow.’ {Emily Bronte}

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The books I gave a home, but not a read (yet)


“How many books do you have on your shelves that are unread?” is probably a question that’s better left unanswered (although, I’ll have you know it’s not as many as I thought…it’s bad, but not as bad). And when it comes to my good old phrase of “I’ve been meaning to read this one for years!” you can guarantee I’m not exaggerating. But it had me thinking – which books have I been meaning to get round to the longest?

I actually loved doing this post and unearthing the lost treasures on my shelves. Not that they were ever hidden…they just became vastly overshadowed by at least 3 or 4 years worth of shiny new books (yikes). But since I log all the books I own on Goodreads, I managed to trace back the ones I’ve had on my shelves the longest quickly enough. And so here’s the books I gave a home to all those years ago, but have still yet to read…

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Book Haul Spotlight | Plucking out my priorities from one heck of a haul


A few days ago I uploaded a huge collective book haul to my channel – and while it’s just so much easier to fawn over all the books in actual speech form over there, I also figured...hey, why not spotlight some of the ones I’m really looking forward to reading on my blog? There’s so many books listed in that video (it’s linked at the end if you’d like to see them all!), but some really stand out to me as top priorities for the upcoming months and I basically just want another reason to chat about them all the more.

This list is…a varied one. Honestly I should probably stop giving that warning before any form of book list I provide, because it’s starting to get repetitive πŸ˜† BUT if you want to see everything from the myth retellings and freak cosmic events I’m eager to pluck from my shelves – well, here they are spotlighted

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Reading Update: How could this possibly be more sporadic?

sporadic reading

The last couple of months or so have been odd for my reading routine. Usually, things run pretty smoothly. I read one or two books per week, either morning or evening – sometimes both, if things are especially slow. I trundle through each month at the same pace, very happily so.

But the exact opposite seems to have happened through August and September. And since my “update/random” blog posts have been more general life based lately, I figured it was time for a reading update. And the sporadic pacing only makes a fab story, I suppose *shrugs*


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An Update: The way reviews are done around these parts

review update

So. Another update.

As you might have seen in my most recent Sunday Status post, I’ve been gradually converting this blog into something more relaxed, more personal. As I said there, I’m not going to post if I don’t have anything worth writing about – I’m not going to keep myself on a schedule. Especially with the looming event of university starting.

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July Wrap Up & August TBR

No favourites for this month! I honestly can’t think of anything I’ve loved throughout the month of July that I haven’t already mentioned, so today’s post is just a share of my July Wrap Up video!

June Wrap Up & Favourites |A looooong month, but it ended in the best way

june faves

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like June dragged on for so so long. A large amount of us bookworms reached the end of the academic year, and summer is surely upon us. Now – where before our studies took over – we have days upon days of reading ahead of us. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Let’s see what June brought!


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Mid Year Reading Progress & Favourites so far!

mid year reading progress

So this post kind of links with last week’s resolutions update, because the second it hits mid year I wonder to myself HOW AM I DOING WITH MY READING CHALLENGES? I don’t know why, it’s just satisfying to see. Plus I can use it to totally justify any book buying I’m about to do…maybe…


Let’s have a peep at my reading progress!


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