January // Uni 2.0, travels, and other rambles


January. The month that seems to last a year, despite being the one to introduce us to a new year in the first place. The irony.

January was a mixed lot. The year ahead looked at once both hopeful and daunting. The weeks preceding only proved it would, indeed, be both. So in every way possible, this month has dragged, a sentiment it seems the majority of the world agrees on. But oh, so much has happened.

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A massive, massive thank you!

peters yard

I…wasn’t going to write this post. The niggling voice in my head keeps telling me that to do so would be vain. But I can’t help feeling so overwhelmed with love for the book community in recent days, and so my need to give a proper thank you has managed to stamp that voice down – if only long enough for me to write this post. I may regret it after, but for now let’s go.

A lot has happened in the past week. I’ll go into it more below, but basically…

I’ve been shortlisted for the UKYABA’s under “Best Content and Design”!!

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2018 goals I didn’t know I had until now


I’m not usually one for resolutions or general yearly goals. The sudden unnecessary need to pluck new aims from the air of January never quite hit me as hard as I’d hoped. I set resolutions – of course I did – but oh they were just made up for the sake of it. I’m sure I had an entire post of bookish resolutions in some form or another from last year, but while I would usually look back on that kind of thing, I’ve decided to abandon it this time. I know full well that whatever resolutions I made at that point were just made for the sake of it. I know that while they might have been interesting to me a year ago, I changed midway through the year and so those goals are probably irrelevant now.

So I started 2018 with not specific goals in mind. I’ll just aim to survive, thank you very much. Until I realised…well, I do have things I’m aiming for, they’re just vast and have been worked on for awhile already, and 2018 will simply serve to solidify them in a way. Still, now they’re set in stone on the walls of my mind, so here we are.

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I blame Hermione Granger

I blame hermione granger

I’m setting up this post, not quite knowing what the point of it will be. I’m just sat, confronting my keyboard, with too many thoughts charging round my head. So here’s an attempt at setting them free.

For what felt like the hundredth time, I found myself stuck today. What over? An essay. Again.

I feel like all I ever talk about is essays, but my life is dominated by them at the moment. And it’s not that I can’t handle it – it’s just that with every single one, I reach a point before I’ve barely even begun where I just…stop. I start with my planning. I plan to the extreme. I write pages of notes and pull out quotes from every source available so that once I’m ready, I’m set, I’m confident. And yet I’m not. Because what if it’s not enough? What if I’m just not intelligent enough? And that – that thought alone – is what hits the hardest.

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October Favourites | Arthurian legends, dandelions and vanilla pumpkins

october favourites

I’ve been eagerly anticipating my write-up of this post for a few weeks now, because the second October started, I seemed to find a whole load of things to love in everyday life. Maybe the general autumn atmosphere caught me – people tend to appreciate the small things when the world naturally takes on a warmer hue, right? Either way, I’ve been longing to babble about these things somewhere for a small while now, and so here we are!


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Why I chose to stay at home for uni (& all the worries that go with it)

staying at home for uni

It’s funny, really, how people seem so shocked to hear that you decided to stay at home while attending university, rather than moving out to the accommodation.

You’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal, but when people constantly hit you with “WHY?!” in that really demanding, disparaging tone of voice,  it can raise hackles after a while.

There’s absolutely no problem in asking – it’s an interesting conversation. I myself love hearing why people chose to move out or stay at home. But there’s a difference. Asking out of interest is fine. Basically demanding why as if that person made an idiotic decision? Well, that’s another matter. Especially when it’s constantly followed with “but you’ll not get the full uni experience!”

This is how it goes here in England, at least. Or maybe it’s even just the small part I live in. But either way, my brain has gone back and forth over this topic for months…and so I’m going to babble about it.


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Why I Don’t Want To Work In Journalism


You’d think that having spent the last two years of my life studying Journalism, I’d be set on my way towards the industry. But umm, yeah about that…things didn’t quite work out that way.

In my college experience post, I discussed how I never actually wanted to study journalism – my life just took a detour that I wasn’t OK with. Granted, I wasn’t entirely *against* journalism to begin with, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone down that path in the first place. But it didn’t take me long to realise that actually, I really, really don’t want to work in journalism.

And so we have another ramble of a post, in which I try to explain my reasons why.


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The basics of my college life (that’s English college, by the way)


Hi everyone!

If you saw last week’s babble, you’ll know that I’m making a few changes to this blog, the main one being I post more “personal” blog posts alongside the bookish ones. Well, here’s the first.

When mentioning college or university, I always feel like I have to explain why I’m a year older than I “ought” to be – why I stayed behind a year. The English education system pretty much sets your path out for you – GCSE’s → A Levels → University – and it seems odd when people start straying off and doing their own thing. With my mentioning of so many subjects on social media, it’s just a whole mash of confusion I feel I ought to clear up. And so, here we are.

This is going to be quite a babble, I’ll warn you of that right now. I’ll condense it as much as I can, but I’ll be explaining how I did A Levels and BTEC, comparing the two, and also writing a bit on how I still struggle to come to terms with the stigma and having to give up A Levels. So it might take a while. But, if you’re interested…here’s the basics!


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Sunday Status: Changes are coming…

sunday status

Did the title remind any else of Game of Thrones? Yes? High five!…No? …okayy then *awkwardly backs away*

Well look what we have here, another random Sunday Status post! For those of you who are new around these parts, this is basically a feature I do every so often where I just give rambly life updates and whatnot – y’know, the kind of thing that covers a few topics that don’t need their own blog posts, but I want to have a ramble about them anyway.

As you might have guessed from the title, a few changes are being made around these parts. And so without further ado…

Let’s have a natter!


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May Wrap Up & Favourites | All the new things?

may faves

May. The month where everyone in the UK melted during that one week of heat we had. The month where all of us still in education take part in a frantic work ethic, as years come to an end and stress levels are high. Some of us are free for the summer already (you lucky ducks). Some of us have that little bit longer to go. Either way, May is gradually introducing the summer, and readers around the world are *so* ready to have extra reading time.

Let’s see what May brought!


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