300 Followers and Q&A?


I actually can’t believe that I’ve had this blog 5/6 months and already I have 300 followers! That’s insane!

Thank you so so much to everyone who follows, likes and comments on my blog! It honestly means the world to me!


So to celebrate…I was thinking of doing a Q&A!

Now, this all depends on how many questions I get. But if I get enough, I plan on uploading the Q&A on Tuesday.

I just think this let’s you guys get to know me a bit more, and gets you involved more!

So, if you have any questions you want to ask me – it doesn’t have to be about books (though of course it can be) – then leave it in the comments below! And feel free to ask more than one question if you want to! 

I’ll be taking in questions until Sunday evening, since that’s when I’ll be writing it up to schedule ahead of time.

Once again, thank you SO much guys! You gave me this achievement!

Remember to leave your questions in the comments.

Until next time…



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