Haworth ~ Bronte Country

I’ve wanted to visit the Bronte Parsonage for years. Though I’ve read a pitiful amount from the infamous Bronte sisters so far, the history and literature lovers inside me bound together and willed me go. And so after all those years of waiting, I went.


‘…when the setting sun shone on it and the topmost heights, and the whole extent of landscape besides lay in shadow.’ {Emily Bronte}

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Collective Book Haul – April & May |Gotta get those spring reads in

collective book haul

So I thought to myself the other day “Ashleigh, it’s been freakin’ AGES since you did a book haul on your blog. Sort yourself out.” They’re just easier to do on my booktube channel, and so somehow I’ve neglected to add them here too.

But NOT TODAY MY FRIENDS. Because here I’m bringing you my collective book haul. Like I did on my last haul, I’ll link my video at the start of the list, since that’s where I explain where I got the books from and any thoughts I have on them, but if you can’t watch the video (or simply don’t want to *cries* (just kidding)), all the books will be listed below as their own haul!

Here’s my spring book haul!


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March Book Haul (The Book Haul That Shouldn’t Exist)

march book haul

Oh how this post shouldn’t exist.

Not when I got so many books last month.

I even told myself not to buy more at the end of the February Book Haul – and I quote:

“I don’t think there’ll be any need for me to buy books for a while now”

Shows how much I listen to myself.

Anyway, I got more books. And here they are.

Let’s jump right in!


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