Blogger Tips: Helping you frolic through your blogging life [Design Edition]


After that little break from the blogging tips last Sunday, here we are back again!

We’ve had personal tips. We’ve had writing tips. Well this time, I’m here to bring you a few design tips

Again, the disclaimer of all disclaimers – I am in NO way saying this is the right way to do blogging. I’m not saying I’m particularly great at blogging. I’m just sharing tips that have been helpful to me over my year of blogging so far.

So let’s get on with the design tips!

Now I do have to admit, design isn’t my strong suit. It took me months to get my blog the way it is, purely because I’m so incapable of understanding technology. But I figured I might as well share what I’ve discovered through my hours of Googling and experimenting. So here we go.

Sidenote: All of these tips are entirely optional, of course.

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New Blog Design!

Even though I’ve only had this blog for a matter of months, I’ve not been happy with my blog design at all. For about a month now I’ve been finding backgrounds and testing layouts, taking screenshots but never actually saving the design because I wasn’t completely happy with it.

But oh how that’s changed!

I wanted my blog to take on a certain look, but I don’t know how well I’ll be able to explain this…

Basically, it’s inspired by the word “frolic” in my blog name. That word reminds me of those whimsical photos you see on places like pinterest and tumblr, of a girl dancing around all dreamer-like. And this new design is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for!

New design!

I still wasn’t sure whether to change the design or not, but I just kept coming back to it over and over. Plus the people I’ve asked prefer this one to my old design.

If you view blogs on a computer screen, it will look the same as above but with blue strips down the side, depending on how big your screen is.

My title images will be changing to suit the theme, so at the moment they may look a bit out of place.

I really love my new design!

So let me know what you think!

I hope you all like the new design! Hopefully the “dreamer” type look comes across well.