Discussion Post: Characters With Absent Parents

characters with absent parents

Now, I apologize in advance if this discussion seems slightly more like a rant on my part. But I’ve discovered that I actually have quite a lot to say about this topic.

Not long ago, someone talked about this topic, and when commenting on their post, I saw that I was actually quite passionate about this – rant wise. I have a lot to say, and I need to get it out there somehow, so this is the topic of today’s discussion post.

So let’s talk about characters with absent parents!

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Top 10 Character Names I Really Love

top 10 names

You know sometimes, while reading a book do you ever get a moment where you see a character’s name and think “Oh wow I really like that name!”?

Because I do.

Quite often actually.

Well, that’s what this post is inspired by.

Since I haven’t done a Top 10 post in a while, I’ve basically chosen my Top 10 character names that I can’t help but love.

So here we go!

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Most likely to…| Book edition (tag)

most likely to

I was tagged by Olivia @ Heir of Glitter to do this tag, and it looks quite fun to do so thank you! 😀

So the aim of this game is write down 18 character names on pieces of paper, and choose three out at a time. Then with each round, there will be three options, and you sort them into who would be “most likely to” do each thing.

I’m pretty bad at explaining things, but you’ll see as we go along.

I’m not entirely sure whether I was supposed to use the same questions/rounds as Olivia or make my own up, so I’m just going to do a bit of both. I’ll take some of them but also add my own, because I doubt I’ll be able to come up with 18 new ones!

So now that I’ve rambled for long enough, let’s do this!

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