May Wrap Up – Complete With Some Major Fangirl Moments

May wrap up

I know this is coming nearly a week into June. I was going to write it the weekend before and have it up early, but I knew I’d finish one last book in May after this would’ve been uploaded, so I delayed the wrap up a week to include it.

Anyway, the month of May seemed to drag out considerably for me. The books I read at the start of the month feel like a lifetime ago. But I’ve had a decent reading month, and a fair few fangirl moments towards the end of the month.

As always, this is going to be a long post, so get comfy and enjoy!


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April Wrap Up

April wrap up

It’s time for my April Wrap Up!

I think this is the first month this year that feels like it’s absolutely flown by. Though that’s probably because I’ve been so busy this month, as you’ll see in the “Life In General” section of this post.

So instead of rambling on, let’s get to it!

This will be a pretty long post, so get comfy and enjoy!

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Bookish Fan Art

fan art

Today’s post is something a little different.

I’ve got a huge fascination for fan art. I love searching through Pinterest looking at the talent people have.

And if you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you know that I also love attempting my own fan art.

So for today’s post, I’m splitting this into two sections:

Section 1 – Sharing some of my favourite fan art that I’ve seen on Pinterest

Section 2 – Sharing a few of my own.

So let’s look at some Fan Art!

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January Wrap Up

January wrap up

I haven’t done many wrap ups before, but I figured I’d make more of an effort to do them from now on. I mean, it gives me one more post idea every month so there we go.

I think this one will be a round up of books (obviously) and maybe a round up of blog posts uploaded, as well as life updates in general.

Be prepared, this post is a long one.

So here we go…

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Seasons of Book Blogging


I’ve been tagged in so many posts lately, which is why there’s been an increase of posts from me this week. Hope you don’t mind!

Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide to Novels tagged me to do the Seasons of Book Blogging book tag, so thank you, and here it is!

Seasons of book blogging tag.PNG

How this works:

  • Thank the creator (so she can see all of your answers!) and the person who tagged you.
  • Begin with the month in which you have been tagged and move forward from there!
  • State the best gift you’ve ever been given after you answer the question for your birthday month.
  • Tag whomever you’d like when you’re finished.. or else you’ll be “it” forever.
  • Have fun, of course!

So let’s do this!

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The Creative Blogger Award! ft. my fan art


Thank you Kayla @ Bookedsolid1989 for nominating me in the Creative Blogger Award!

And let me just say I really like the logo for this award ❤

I was going to say this award seems slightly quicker to write the post for because you only have to write 5 facts…until I realized I’ve written 11 facts in the Infinity Dreams Award, so now I have to think of 5 new ones!

Anyway, I’ll be here all day if I keep rambling.

The Creative Blogger Award


1. The the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
4. Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.



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