400 FOLLOWERS! + Get To Know Me (and a ghost story?)


I can’t believe I’m writing this post!


followers sign


Thank you all so so much for supporting my blog! It means so much to me!

I know I know I know that numbers aren’t the important thing, and that’s so true to me. But knowing there’s so many of you guys out there enjoying my blog is so encouraging for me 😀

Especially the people who comment on here, or talk to me on Twitter, or even go as far as sharing my posts on twitter! I can’t believe some of you actually take time out of your day to talk to little ol’ me 😆 It honestly blows my mind, and I couldn’t appreciate it more ❤

At the beginning of the year I set a “goal” to reach 500 by the end of the year, just as something fun to hope for. I didn’t really think that was possible…but now it sort of does. Let’s see where this little blog of mine will be in another 6 months! Also, if I can find a good video editor app for my phone or laptop, I’ve *hopefully* got something exciting planned for when I reach another milestone! *fingers crossed*

Thank you all so much. SO MUCH. I can’t thank you enough!

And since so many of you are new here, I’ve done the Get To Know Me Tag below, just in case you want to find out a little bit more about me (though most of you know a lot about me already 😀 ) Even if you DO know me, this looked like a fun tag anyway and it’s quick to read through, so enjoy!

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