Mid Year Reading Progress & Favourites so far!

mid year reading progress

So this post kind of links with last week’s resolutions update, because the second it hits mid year I wonder to myself HOW AM I DOING WITH MY READING CHALLENGES? I don’t know why, it’s just satisfying to see. Plus I can use it to totally justify any book buying I’m about to do…maybe…


Let’s have a peep at my reading progress!


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Book Fangirling Award (& a rant apparently…)

Book Fangirling

Aaaaaaaand the blog awards are back! I’ve been nominated for three recently – 2 new ones and 1 being a repeat – so there will be more blog award posts to come. Hope you don’t mind!

I’ve also decided to change around my Milestones & Awards page. The repeated award nominations at the moment are just shown again, but instead I’m changing it so the logo is just shown once with the number of nominations and all the posts linked next to it, so the page isn’t really long like it is at the minute. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to sort through it all though, so you might have to bare with if you notice anything different.

But that’s not what this post is about….here we have the Book Fangirling Award!

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Reader Problems Book Tag

It’s December…which means it’s Christmas!!! Get the tree up, dec’ the halls, crack on the Christmas songs, no one can stop me now!

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but college was cancelled so I have time now! Just planning on spending the day reading – hopefully finishing my book so the review can go up tomorrow – and being on the internet. Oh I can’t wait!

open bookopen bookopen bookopen bookopen bookopen book

Reader Problems book tag.PNG

Anyway, I was tagged by La Book Dreamer to do this tag, so thank you (!) and let’s get to it 😀

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