Harry Potter Book Tag

harry potter tag

First of all, sorry there wasn’t a new post yesterday! I’ve spent this weekend completely repainting my bedroom, along with most of the furniture inside it, so I had to skip a day of blogging. I mean, even after I write this, I’m going back to paint the final wall. I haven’t even done that much reading this weekend either, but I’ll class this as a weekend off (though it feels like I’ve done more work than ever).

Anyway, thanks to absolutely everything in my room being cleared out and scattered around the rest of the house, I’ve no idea where my notebook for post ideas has gone, so today I’m doing a tag!

And a very exciting tag, indeed.


I’ve been in SUCH a Harry Potter mood lately. I’m in the process of rereading the series (one book each month) and I preordered Cursed Child on Thursday. So this tag fits perfectly with my mood.

I was tagged by Quirky book nerd  and A Stranger’s Guide To Novels (thank you!!) to do this wonderful tag created by  Trang and Lashaan @ Bookidote.  The one rule: You can’t use any of the Harry Potter books for an answer.

So instead of rambling even more, let’s begin!

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The Harry Potter Tag!

The second I saw this I knew I had to do it at some point…so here it is!

harry potter tag

Potterheads for the win!

[Sidenote: Let me know what house you’re in. I’m a Slytherin <3]

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