November Wrap Up – The weird month where I feel like I’m not reading, then end up reading more than usual


November. The month that begins with an onslaught of sporadic fireworks. The month where winter begins to settle in, grabbing the bones of us here in the UK, and lies with us for the long run. Fog and frost become a daily occurrence. We have only 6 hours or so of real daylight. Step outside and instantly your cheeks are flushed, fingers stiff, and you’ll be glad for extra layers of clothing.

But inside is a different matter. Inside is where I (and most bookworms) thrive on these freezing days. November was the month where my bedroom became my cocoon of warmth. At some point every day, you could find me wrapped in 5 layers of blankets, cuddling a hot water bottle and cat simultaneously while reading a book by fairy-light.

And so, November was a true bookworm month for me. Even if I didn’t read any more than usual, every comfort my heart longs for – blankets, hot water bottles, warm drinks while fog smothers the outside world – was available to me once again. Every moment of the day I wanted to get cosy and read. And now here we are – getting closer to Christmas, might I add.

So let’s see what November brought…

There’s also a video version of this post if you’d like to see, combined with my December TBR! Click here if you want to see!

PS. Do you like the new intro? Thought I’d try the scenic route rather than just throwing you all in. Let me know if you like!

*ahem* anyway

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After You by Jojo Moyes | Not a bad book, but I wish it had been left at a standalone instead


I’ve been reluctant about this book ever since I knew it was a thing. I couldn’t even decide whether to buy it or not. I only ended up getting it because it was half price. And I know they’re pretty biased terms to start on, but I couldn’t really help it.

And how did it work out? Well, that’s what we’re here to see, right?

Let’s talk about After You!


Title: After You

Author: Jojo Moyes

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Series Status: The 2nd book in the Me Before You duology

Genre: Contemporary

Number of Pages:  407

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February Wrap Up

February Wrap up.PNG

February has been and almost gone, and for once this month felt like it lasted ages. Normally the months flash by without a pause, but looking back today and seeing which books I read, it actually seems like a lifetime ago when I read the books at the beginning of the month.

Anyway, as usual with these wrap ups, I’ll be sharing the books I’ve read, what I’m currently reading, a list of posts uploaded this month, and a life in general updates section.

This is going to be a long post, so get comfy and enjoy!

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February Book Haul! (It’s a big one)

february book haul

I got a lot of books this month. A LOT.

But it was my birthday, so I guess it’s excusable?

But I’m not even sorry. My reading material is sorted for a few months now so I’m happy. Plus I’ve been really wanting most of these books for months now, so…yeah.

This post will be long enough on it’s own, so I won’t ramble any longer.

This will be in three sections: books I got before my birthday, ON my birthday, and after.

Let’s jump right in!


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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Me before you

*All reviews I write are spoiler free*

I feel like everyone is reading this book lately thanks to the movie trailer being released, and while I don’t usually like contemporary books, I had to jump on the bandwagon with this one. I watched the trailer more times than I cared to admit, so I ordered the book as soon as I could and dove into it the very same day it arrived at my door.

So let’s talk about Me Before You!

Me Before You

Title: Me Before You

Author: Jojo Moyes

Publisher: Penguin

Series Status: The 1st book in a duology

Number of Pages: 481

My Rating: 5/5 stars!

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