April & May Favourites // Time Off Uni Means The Discovery of New Faves

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A mixed month favourites post? Yep, it’s happening. I feel like April had such a slump for favourites, but boy did May make up for it. I didn’t quite realise just how many favourites I acquired through May, but with the end of my second year of uni popping along with a wholehearted welcome, I (of course) found myself in a good ol’ treat yourself kinda mood, and a whole lotta time on my hands. So here we are!


April & May | Things are looking up (if “up” comes with a dose of “scary”)

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April and May, what an intense couple of months you were.

April is barely a memory to me, this mind of mine having blanked the majority of it out due to sheer stress at all times. I know the facts: two essays to write – one of which being completely rewritten a few days before hand in – and an exam to revise for all in the same week. A summer placement to nervously apply for. Grades from previous essays coming back left right and centre. My brain feeling a constant pressure I attempted to keep at bay. But for the most part, it feels almost like April didn’t happen, this weird disconnection taking over and allowing me to run on autopilot. So there’s not much to say on that month (hence the lack of a monthly update back then).

Well, as stressful as April proved to be, I had plenty to look forward to going into May.

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May Wrap Up & Favourites | All the new things?

may faves

May. The month where everyone in the UK melted during that one week of heat we had. The month where all of us still in education take part in a frantic work ethic, as years come to an end and stress levels are high. Some of us are free for the summer already (you lucky ducks). Some of us have that little bit longer to go. Either way, May is gradually introducing the summer, and readers around the world are *so* ready to have extra reading time.

Let’s see what May brought!


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May Wrap Up – Complete With Some Major Fangirl Moments

May wrap up

I know this is coming nearly a week into June. I was going to write it the weekend before and have it up early, but I knew I’d finish one last book in May after this would’ve been uploaded, so I delayed the wrap up a week to include it.

Anyway, the month of May seemed to drag out considerably for me. The books I read at the start of the month feel like a lifetime ago. But I’ve had a decent reading month, and a fair few fangirl moments towards the end of the month.

As always, this is going to be a long post, so get comfy and enjoy!


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