April & May Favourites // Time Off Uni Means The Discovery of New Faves

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A mixed month favourites post? Yep, it’s happening. I feel like April had such a slump for favourites, but boy did May make up for it. I didn’t quite realise just how many favourites I acquired through May, but with the end of my second year of uni popping along with a wholehearted welcome, I (of course) found myself in a good ol’ treat yourself kinda mood, and a whole lotta time on my hands. So here we are!


March Favourites & Wrap Up

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March was…a lot. A lot of deadlines. A lot of plans. A lot of anxiety and stress. And apparently, a lot of new favourites too. So at least something good came out of all the excess, right?

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February Favourites & Wrap Up

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Time for another favourites post! Admittedly, I don’t have many favourites from February. It was a month of just getting by, juggling essays and trying not to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of plans I’ve got coming up in March. But there’s a few standout moments amongst the tedium of what felt like a weirdly long month for one that has less days…so here we are!

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January Favourites & Wrap Up 2019

I’m bringing back my well beloved (beloved to me, at least) monthly favourites! I used to loooove writing these every month, and they’re without a doubt my favourite posts to read. Why did I stop? I don’t actually know. But not to dwell on the past – we’re having a revival of the favourites posts! So what did January bring…?

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2018 Reading Year In Review

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We’re at the end of 2018 eh? Well, no, we’re actually thoroughly in 2019 now and I’m late. But this is where most people would say “how it’s flown by!” but honestly? This year has d r a g g e d. But in the midst of many changes in my life throughout the year, I managed to sneak some reading in. So how did my 2018 reading go?

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July Wrap Up & August TBR

No favourites for this month! I honestly can’t think of anything I’ve loved throughout the month of July that I haven’t already mentioned, so today’s post is just a share of my July Wrap Up video!

June Wrap Up & Favourites |A looooong month, but it ended in the best way

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like June dragged on for so so long. A large amount of us bookworms reached the end of the academic year, and summer is surely upon us. Now – where before our studies took over – we have days upon days of reading ahead of us. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Let’s see what June brought!


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May Wrap Up & Favourites | All the new things?

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May. The month where everyone in the UK melted during that one week of heat we had. The month where all of us still in education take part in a frantic work ethic, as years come to an end and stress levels are high. Some of us are free for the summer already (you lucky ducks). Some of us have that little bit longer to go. Either way, May is gradually introducing the summer, and readers around the world are *so* ready to have extra reading time.

Let’s see what May brought!


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February Wrap Up & Favourites | Things slowing down in the shortest month…but also my birthday!


February. The shortest month of the year. And the month filled with love? While Valentine’s day might not be a hit for everyone, it’s not just all about romance. There’s an overall sense of gratefulness come the occasion, an appreciation for friends and family too.

Though the month is only missing two or three days, those missing days can feel like they make all the difference. We don’t quite make it to day 30 before starting again. But still, the months roll on.

❤ ❤ ❤

Let’s see what February brought…

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January Wrap Up | Actually, quite a lot happened this month…


January. A new year. A new motivation. A motivation that, usually, doesn’t last all that long. But when it does, it feels wonderful.

The weather in England is still bitterly cold, if not more so than before Christmas. It is no longer fun anymore. But still, we manage. There’s worse things than a cold wind biting at our faces, after all. Worse things than numb fingers. And the comfort of a warm blanket and hot water bottle can soon rid those nuisances.

What better way to spend those cold evenings than reading?

Let’s see what January brought…

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