Let’s Talk: When are you classed as a “reviewer”? How do you decide which books to review?


Ready for a two-pronged sort of discussion, everyone?

I personally find these questions really interesting (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t write an entire post about it). I love knowing how other people go through their reviewing process, but I never thought to much about the process of choosing which books to review. Everyone does it differently.  And how often do you have to review to be classed as a “reviewer”?

Well, let’s talk…

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The Tormented Witch by J.C. Beckham | A fun read…but for me? It was really quite cringey

The Tormented Witch

I honestly don’t really want to write this review. I hate it when reviews aren’t good ones…but I’ve got to be honest. Plus it’s not ALL bad, so…yeah.


Let’s just get on with it.

spoiler free

Let’s talk about The Tormented Witch!

The Tormented Witch

Title: The Tormented Witch

Author: J.C. Beckham

Publisher: Solopreneur

Series Status: The 1st book in the Crowded Souls series

Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural/Fantasy

Number of Pages:  324

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Not Daring To Trust Anyone In The Creeper Man By Dawn Kurtagich

The creeper man

*All reviews I write are spoiler free*

How happy I am to finally be writing this review!

Ever since reading The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich, I’ve been obsessed. I talk about it all the time. If you have me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Dawn offered to send me an ARC to review of her new book, The Creeper Man! 😀

Seriously, I ran downstairs and started jumping up and down practically screaming at my dad in incoherent nonsense.

So let’s talk about The Creeper Man!

(though maybe you don’t want to…talking about him can summon terrible things…DUN DUN DUNNNNN)

The Creeper Man

Title: The Creeper Man (UK) / And The Trees Crept In (US)

Author: Dawn Kurtagich

Publisher: Indigo/Orion (this edition)

Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Mystery

Series Status: Standalone

Number of Pages:  371

Release date: July 14th 2016 (UK) / September 6th 2016 (US)

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How I Review Books

How I review books

I’ve seen this sort of post around before, and actually found them really interesting…so I decided to do my own version!

Basically, I’m going to be explain how I review the books I read, in step by step order.

This will also give you an idea of how I decide which star rating to give each book.

I’ve split this into 10 steps, so I’ve really broken down my review process. I had to create an exact order to the process so that I didn’t forget anything, so this is the way I think when reviewing.

Hopefully this post will be interesting or helpful to you!

So here’s how I review books!

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Discussion Post: Rating Books too Easily

rate books easily

Another week, another discussion post!

I didn’t have a specific idea for this week’s post, so I consulted my notebook and picked out one of my ideas, and chose this one.

I saw a discussion like this a long time ago and it really caught my attention, so it’s always been on my mind since.

So today I’m asking you…

Can a book reviewer rate books too easily?

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February Wrap Up

February Wrap up.PNG

February has been and almost gone, and for once this month felt like it lasted ages. Normally the months flash by without a pause, but looking back today and seeing which books I read, it actually seems like a lifetime ago when I read the books at the beginning of the month.

Anyway, as usual with these wrap ups, I’ll be sharing the books I’ve read, what I’m currently reading, a list of posts uploaded this month, and a life in general updates section.

This is going to be a long post, so get comfy and enjoy!

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Book Tag

Book tag

Today is one of those days where I’m feeling very lazy, and all I want to do is sit and read. It took a long while for me to motivate myself to write this post. So I decided to do a book tag – or THE book tag – since I have loads of them waiting in my drafts.

Hopefully after writing this up, I can motivate myself to take a review photo and write up tomorrow’s review. Hopefully.

Anyway, I was tagged by Naomi @ Escpae From Realities quite a while ago, so here are my answers…finally!

Let’s do this!

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A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

A Darker Shade of Magic review

*All of my reviews are spoiler free*

This was a REread for me!

I first read this book at the very beginning of 2015 (I think) and loved it the first time round, and since the second book is being released later this month, I decided it was about time I Reread this beauty. So now when my Pre-order of A Gathering of Shadows arrives, I’m all set to jump right in!

PS. I spent WAY too much time taking the review photo (below). I had the idea with the hand and black stone, and wouldn’t give up on it. So the results are as you can see. And yes, the black stone thing is actually relevant to the story – people who have read it should understand 🙂 

A Darker Shade of Magic

Title: A Darker Shade of Magic

Author: V.E. Schwab (otherwise known as Victoria Schwab)

Publisher: Titan Books

Series Status: The 1st book in a series

Number of Pages: 384

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars!

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Discussion Posts: Bookstagram


This weeks’ discussion post is a lighter topic but very well loved: Bookstagram. 

Since the last two discussions have been questions, this one will be just a general share-your-ideas-accounts-and-chat type discussion.

So let’s talk about Bookstagram!

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The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

The wrath and the dawn

So here we are…my first book review of 2016! I started this one just before the new year and finished it yesterday, and I don’t think I could’ve chosen a better book to lead the new year in.

Plus can I just say I LOVE the cover ❤

The story reminds me of this pendant I have hanging on my wall of a woman smelling a rose (people who have read it will probably know why) so I decided to add it to the photo below.

So now that I’ve rambled on, here’s the review!

The Wrath and the Dawn

Title: The Wrath and The Dawn

Author: Renee Ahdieh

Publisher: G.P Putnam’s Group/A Penguin Random House Company

Series Status: The 1st in a series (others yet to be released)

Number of Pages: 388

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars!

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