The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

Since this is the second book in a series, I would like to confirm that there will still be NO SPOILERS, like with all of my reviews! The synopsis may contain slight spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the first book, however this will be clearly marked with a warning sign, so you can skip ahead to the review.

The Mime Order

Title: The Mime Order

Author: Samantha Shannon

Series status: The 2nd book in The Bone Season series.

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Number of Pages: 501


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Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Review written 18th October 2015

Pet Sematary

Title: Pet Sematary

Author: Stephen King

Series status: Standalone novel

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton/ Hodder Paperbacks

Number of pages: 465


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