July book haul – because a long month = a long haul


As I mentioned in my Wrap Up, July dragged for me. I felt like it went on forever. So when I came to write up this review and saw I had somehow accumulated this many books in July…well, I was quite surprised, because it felt like a lifetime ago.

I’m pretty sure I say that in a lot of hauls though. It just be the common cause of my buying.


I’ll put it simply. I got nine books in July. Though to be fair, I didn’t buy them all, so…I didn’t spend that much money.

AND in July I read 8 books, so I’ve only added to my TBR by one book. That’s pretty good going, if I do say so myself.

Can you guess any of the books from the picture?

Well, you don’t have to, because I’m about to show them all off screaming LOOK AT ALL THESE PRETTIES. 

Here are the books I got in the month of July!

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Series I have yet to finish

Series I have yet to finish

I have this habit of buying books that are completely unrelated to each other, instead of buying the next book in a series I’ve started to continue on. So I have A LOT of series I haven’t yet finished.

This will be split into two different section: Series where the books have all been released and I’ve just not gotten round to continuing yet, and Series that I am up to date with, but need to wait for the next books to be released to finish.

There will be Goodreads links for the 1st books in the series, if you want to check them out.

So…let’s do this!

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