April & May Favourites // Time Off Uni Means The Discovery of New Faves

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A mixed month favourites post? Yep, it’s happening. I feel like April had such a slump for favourites, but boy did May make up for it. I didn’t quite realise just how many favourites I acquired through May, but with the end of my second year of uni popping along with a wholehearted welcome, I (of course) found myself in a good ol’ treat yourself kinda mood, and a whole lotta time on my hands. So here we are!


Where am I at? | A look on my 2018 goals so far

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So we’re halfway through the year, eh? It took me way too long to realise this, though while it seems to have surprised most people, it sounds about right to me. So much has happened and changed since the beginning of the year that I couldn’t even predict, so the months seem like a full year to me already.

That being said, 6 months ago I unintentionally made myself some goals for this year. By now they’re usually long forgotten, brushed into the attic of my mind only to be tentatively brought out again next year with a guilt shrug of “I tried” when we all know I really, really didn’t. And as I said before when so much has already changed this year…well, I’m intrigued to see how things have gone. So let’s have a little look.

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January // Uni 2.0, travels, and other rambles


January. The month that seems to last a year, despite being the one to introduce us to a new year in the first place. The irony.

January was a mixed lot. The year ahead looked at once both hopeful and daunting. The weeks preceding only proved it would, indeed, be both. So in every way possible, this month has dragged, a sentiment it seems the majority of the world agrees on. But oh, so much has happened.

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Why I chose to stay at home for uni (& all the worries that go with it)

staying at home for uni

It’s funny, really, how people seem so shocked to hear that you decided to stay at home while attending university, rather than moving out to the accommodation.

You’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal, but when people constantly hit you with “WHY?!” in that really demanding, disparaging tone of voice, ┬áit can raise hackles after a while.

There’s absolutely no problem in asking – it’s an interesting conversation. I myself love hearing why people chose to move out or stay at home. But there’s a difference. Asking out of interest is fine. Basically demanding why as if that person made an idiotic decision? Well, that’s another matter. Especially when it’s constantly followed with “but you’ll not get the full uni experience!”

This is how it goes here in England, at least. Or maybe it’s even just the small part I live in. But either way, my brain has gone back and forth over this topic for months…and so I’m going to babble about it.


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