Come with me to the bookstore!

come to waterstones

It’s become a sort routine of mine to visit Waterstones – the UK’s bookstore chain – nearly every single week.

Usually on a Thursday, to be specific.

So last week, I decided to take some photos, and basically take you guys along with me to the bookstore.

Because everyone here loves going to the bookstore, right? 

So come with me to Waterstones!


(photo purposefully blurred because people)

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December Book Haul

December Haul

So it’s just been Christmas!

I hope everyone had a really lovely day yesterday ❤ I know I did – mine was amazing actually, I got so many surprises that just blew my mind! The main one being…A LAPTOP!!!! I asked for one for my 18th birthday in February but my dad decided to surprise me by giving me one yesterday! Now it will be easier for me to blog since I won’t have to use my dad’s computer on the rare occasions he’s not on it to schedule loads of posts ahead of time 😀

Anyway – back to the post.

Instead of this being just a Christmas haul, I decided to make it my December Haul, because I bought a few books before Christmas. All together there are 17 BOOKS! (EEEEEEKKKK!)

*side note: I apologize for the low quality photographs. I took them late at night on my phone camera so they aren’t as good as I’d have hoped*

So without further ado, I’ll get on with the haul!

Overall photo

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