PLEASE NOTE – this blog is currently non-active, and all reviews/bookish content is now featured over on my booktube channel, A Frolic Through Fiction.

Photo of me smiling, looking off to the left

I’m Ashleigh, an English bookworm who’s entire life is basically consumed by books. I’m currently studying Literature at university (surprise surprise), and run both this blog and my booktube channel, doing so while being swaddled in endless layers and sipping warm drinks. History, Mythology and Folklore fascinates me beyond extent, so much so that I am one of the co-hosts for the Myth-Take online book club (we read fantasy books that retell myths/folklore). Singing is a love of mine (though I’m no good at it), and bullet journalling is something I adore scribbling away at. This blog will cover basically anything that’s on my mind, though considering how books play a huge part in my life, it will likely be heavily book based. Hope you enjoy!




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