PLEASE NOTE – this blog is currently non-active, and all reviews/bookish content is now featured over on my booktube channel, A Frolic Through Fiction.

My reviews will contain only my honest opinion, so I do consider review requests thoroughly before accepting to try and avoid a bad review (since I’ll only accept books that genuinely seem interesting to me). I’ve become more selective about the books I accept – especially since starting uni – so please do not take offense if I decline your offer. There could be any number of reasons, from work taking priority to a simple lack of interest in the genre!

When writing reviews I have a chatty and friendly style, and will usually write how I actually react. Of course I’ll then go into further detail about my thoughts.

All of my reviews are posted on here, Goodreads, and a short review of my thoughts will also be given in my end of month wrap ups on my booktube channel, with a link to the book in the description below.

My General Choice of Read…

· Fantasy

· Mythology, Folklore, Fairy Tales

· Ancient History inspired **

But my overall reading tends to be quite broad, so it’s not confined to these genres!

** This is less of a genre and more of a general topic, but I seem to gravitate towards anything involving ancient history, whether that be ancient classics, nonfiction history, myth retellings, or any other.

If you want to look into it more before sending a request, you can see all of my reviews on my index page, or you can check out my Goodreads page to get a better idea of the books I enjoy.

Thank you for your interest!