How I Use My Bullet Journal

2019 Bullet Journal - title page watercolour of a queen, eyes closed, head positioned as if looking back over her shoulder. Brown tones. Above her crown is three stars, the background is spotted with gold stars

So when I began bullet journaling way back in 2017, I wrote a post all about it. Honestly, looking back on that post makes me laugh slightly – my bullet journal has had a serious glow-up since then. My excitement to share meant I wanted to chat all about it, and so I did. Now, 2 years on, I’m still very much in love with bullet journaling, and have been creating Plan With Me videos on my booktube channel for every month ever since. But in those videos you don’t get to see how I actually use my bullet journal. You see me painting, drawing, cutting and sticking away, but never see if my designs are actually practical as well as pretty. I also know a lot of fellow bloggers are trying out bullet journaling for the first time this year and so hey – why not show you how I use my bullet journal?

P.S. This will be a loooong post, but dominantly photos and broken down in small sections. Hopefully it’s not overwhelming!

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A little look into my bullet journal | A preview of my bujo & some tips alongside


2017 brought bullet journaling to me. And I absolutely LOVE IT.

I have a love for drawing, but that sort of died a bit when I took a course in art and was made to draw things I couldn’t care less about every day for a year. And by “died”, I mean it was slaughtered and left bleeding while I mourned its loss. But ever so gradually, that love for drawing has made its way back to me, but alas, I have no inspiration. I’m not one who can just think up an imagine in my head and draw it. I have to use photo references, and a lot of practice attempts.

So what better way to quench my need to draw than starting a bullet journal?

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