A Nerve-Wracking Cover Reveal: The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

Sog rising cover reveal

“Why nerve-wracking?” I hear you ask.

Well, when Samantha Shannon revealed the cover reveal was on it’s way, she also mentioned that THE SERIES DESIGN HAD BEEN CHANGED.

And we all know that while it’s the inside of a book that counts, we bookworms like our series covers to be matching.

And considering this is one of my favourite series, and I already have the first two books in the original covers…oooohhhh I was nervous.

But it’s here, so let’s see …




song rising reveal

(below image linked to Samantha Shannon’s twitter)

The Song Rising

Ok. Okayy. Alright.

Though I do like the first two covers more, I do still like this one. 

I do have a thing for white covers, with them looking all sleek and new. And fire. I love the dramatic look of the fire right in the middle, surrounding the crown. I feel like if I saw it in a bookstore, I’d still definitely pick it up – you know, if I hadn’t heard of the series before, because of course I’ll be picking it up anyway.

The font still matches. And Samantha Shannon says the book spine will go well with the first two books, so I’ll have to take her word on that for now.

Alright, I do admit that I really like the cover. As nervous as I was beforehand, I feel like it’ll go well with the others. Though  do have a few hopes…

1. I hope the next few books aren’t all white. It’ll look a bit odd having the first two in bright colours and the last ones all white. I like the different colour themes for each one too.

2. I hope the paperbacks still have that soft matte effect on the covers rather than the shiny plastic covering that always seems to peel off. Again, it’d match better that way and wouldn’t be damaged so easily, but to be honest I wouldn’t find it a massive issue if it happened.

3. I REALLY hope the paperback doesn’t take as long as last time to be released. As a reader who only buys paperbacks, when The Mime Order was released I had to wait months to get my own copy, since they only printed hardbacks first. I think it’s happening again with this book, so I might have to read it from a library or something…or just wait it out 😦 Hopefully it won’t be as long!

That’s just me being picky though.

So now we’re left to ponder some more about what might be in this book. From the word “rising” I’m thinking something along the lines of rebellion,  and a rise in our main character’s status – especially with the little “even a rebel can become a queen” catchphrase. I don’t know what the fire could mean. Some sort of destruction probably?

Who knows?

So what do you think?

Do you like the cover? Why?

Do you think it’ll go well with the first two books?

Is there anything you hope for regarding other design elements?

What do you think will happen in this book judging from the cover and title? (mark your spoilers for previous books if you say any!)

Have you read The Bone Season and The Mime Order? What did you think?

Are you excited about this book release?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…


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10 thoughts on “A Nerve-Wracking Cover Reveal: The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

  1. oooo I really like the cover! I haven’t actually read this series yet, I have the 1st two books in hardback. I have no idea why I haven’t picked this series yet! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also like the covers of the first two books more but I like this one two. I really need to get The Mime Order soon and read it. I don’t know if you saw but Samantha shared a pic of all the spines and the spines match which is great 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the UK version better, I don’t care for the orange ombre fade on the US edition, I like how crisp and clean the solid white cover is. I haven’t read the series either but I plan on picking up The Bone Season really soon and I’m excited to start it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like the cover, but I hate that they’ve changed them! I know I will keep reading them but right now I have fallen out with this series! I think you will have to wait, it’s not just a Bone Season thing the majority of books are published as hardcover and then months later the paperback comes out. Great post, I love that you post about things as they happen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh same! It really bugs me when they’re changed halfway through – or in this case, not even halfway through!
      And I know I’ll have to wait, unfortunately. I even tweeted Samantha Shannon if there was any change with that, but she said only the hardback will be released at first unfortunately. I’ll just have to wait longer I guess.
      And thank you! I usually only do things like this if I’m around within an hour or two of it happening – luckily I was free for the release so yay! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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